Saturday, July 21, 2012

Reza Kahlili

Do you think if Barry Chin had just utilized a good Asian dating service, that all of this Obama abyss would never have happened in he would have been happy wearing his sarong, feeding the jungle fowl and smoking a bale of weed a day?

I digress.....

The pseudonym is Reza Kahlili.

I do not know why I use Robert Morton's site after he pissed in my direction, as it has nothing to do with hot coals in showing him blessings, but it is just so disappointing to see this Ashkenaz mafia all censorship about things and always acting like they know everything when the Internet Legend, Lame Cherry, the Enigma is around being all girl cute.

Beware of Persians Horses.

Yes Reza K is quite the man about Fouad Adjami expert town. When he speaks, WND publishes and Peter King of Iowa listens.

Problem with Reza the Persian is he gets things about  right and if Peter King who thinks he knows Iran,  and only finds out things talking to Reza K, then Peter King is as dumbass Iowa as his Iowa is plumes of brown atmospheric predatory state trooper arresting poor highway travelers.

See that is the point in this, in if one does not figure out what the Islamocommunist hybrid of Iran is in Inspiration in knowing they want to be killed to bring back the Mahdi, then one has one's head up a snail's ass from day one, and does not belong in Congress or taking Mockingbird money to be on the media punditry.

Khalili has asserted that Iran already has two nuclear warheads acquired
from the former Soviet Union nearly 20 years ago. He said Teheran was also
believed to have obtained a neutron bomb from North Korea, Iran’s leading

That is fine, but information featured here states that in retaliation to George H. W. Bush looting Russia in breaking it up, the Soviet's sold Iran about a dozen nukes from the big mothers to the artillery class. Sold one big Satan to Saddam Hussein which Putin took back just before Gulf War II.
Hard on that Bush WMD in Iraq stuff, when Bush let it all slip back out of Iraq, the biologicals into Syria, because it was the Europeans who sold Saddam all that toxic stuff to begin with.

I digress, but you need to be reminded of history.

So Iran has nuclear weapons and Obama is allowing them to build more. Case closed on that.

What the Persian parrot though speaks of is not even in the detail this blog has in exposing the hybrid Islam of Iran. Iran is German philosophy mixed with communism mixed with Islam. Iran is a sort of Obama philosophy in Obama is communist black liberation, mixed with Islam mixed with intellectualism. All brain up the ass stuff, but it still gets people dead in mass numbers as has been proven time and again under Obama.

America gets into loads of trouble whenever it starts trusting these intelligence assets. Iraq by the Obama Osseiran's got George W. Bush and the west into loads of problems in Iraq, when those Shia started feeding false Lebanese intelligence to the west against Saddam Hussein.

So one asset talking to Congress and feeding WND information is not exactly a comforting thing, when this blog is doing 100 times the information by Inspiration correctly.

I buy the Persians assessment that Iran does have sleeper cells in the west. Problem is if they were so dangerous and active as he claims, he would be dead......because as this blog exclusively noted the Shah's son was murdered in Boston and no one except here called it to the world's attention.

Thousands of terrorist cells consisting of the most loyal are placed
throughout the world, and they believe Iran will be a key player in creating
the circumstances for the coming,” Khalili wrote in an article for the U.S.
website World Net Daily in April.

So red lights should be going off in some things, as Iranian defectors are as reliable as faulty hand grenades.

Can a man hanging around with Joseph Farah, really be that hard for Iranian intelligence to track down and assassinate?
When Obama can murder Andrew Breitbart in broad darklight in puffy pink and subvert his media empire, then it is not that hard for Iran to do the same, as they have been doing it to the Shah's family and American airliners for years.

Once again though, why is it American Intelligence does not ask an American Prophecy expert like this blog on what is taking place in this world on all fronts and is once again trusting a mere man of Persia.
Did not the Persians look to Daniel......ah who God was Inspiring?

Peter Vincent Pry, a former CIA analyst and now director of the
privately-funded Task Force on National and Homeland Security, said Khalili
has become the leading analyst of Iran in the United States. Pry said
Khalili has been particularly valuable in explaining the messianic doomsday
ideology held by the Iranian mullah leadership.

Number 1,even Robert Morton at World Tribune, if the CIA agent, and the Persian Horse are getting the nomenclature incorrect in this is NOT MESSIANIC DOOMSDAY IDEOLOGY, but is bastardized teachings started by Muhammed stolen from Christianity based in Hebrew teachings, that his Mahdi is an image of the Christ second coming scenario with this all taking place north of Jerusalem at Armageddon, then what value are the intelligence assets when the information is couched incorrectly?

Number 2, in oracles, there is reason to believe the demons were correct in there will rise images of the anti Christ, as Obama is a precursor event to that son of perdition.
When one has a Hitler, then one must have a Stalin, a Tojo etc... to balance the act. So likewise in resonant frequency, satan must arise like candidates to move their deceived peoples to war in all thinking they are just and have a calling.
So a Mahdi of some sort or strong Islamic leader is bound to rise, as Obama has murdered all the nationalist Muslims, replaced them with committee communists, so this void should rise up some charismatic demon led dupe to wow the masses, just like Obama did in stealing the American White House.

Number 3, this blog has published more exact information, for a longer period of time, and yet the beltway Mockingbird clique chooses to listen to the fiddle being played there and not the reality here.
It is not different than Obama's Nazi godfather of intelligence who was featured here, feeding intel to the west and leading the CIA around by the nose in skewed data to help Germany.
Reza K is feeding data to get America involved in a coup with Iran, so Americans will get bloodied and the Iranian Patriots will get Iran back.....from the Marxists in DC and London who installed Khomeini.

Nothing wrong with that unless you want to lose several American cities in Persian communist nuclear terrorism.

This is a dangerous game, made worse by Obama Brzezinski communist installments in Arab nations as of late. What is required 1000% by the United States Government is garnering intelligence and assessments from Christian Inspired Sources coming in reality from the Holy Ghost moving the Sources. Only in that will America receive correct data on which to base conclusions on, because if Peter King of Iowa is thinking he knows Iran and then talks to the Persian Horse, and now thinks he knows things...........Peter King should have just read a few books like Nathaniel's Nutmeg, the German philosophers and paid attention in Bible study as that would have put him ahead of the curve.

I would counsel the Persian Horse though to be a man and take off the mask, change his name to Razor Killiranians, buy some really nice American shotguns and weed out those sleeper terrorists Iran has scattered about America. After all, dude does have license to access the CIA and the King's Peter.

Jeremiah was not much listened to either, but a Prophet never is........just considered toxic by the elite and they scream allot about them.......and the end just results as was predicted as their safety is not so secure in the words they put their trust in.

I just would not want some poor Thai girl stuck with Obama. Muchelle is better suited to that misery and the world is not worth saving if one little Thai chic is doomed to the Obama abyss.
No sacrficing virgins to stop the Obama volcano.

Enough of that with America and Sarah Palin.

PS: Note to CIA. My intel is better and I have my own Lame Cherry baseball hat, shades I can hold my breath as satan is trying to murder me all the time.

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