Saturday, August 27, 2016

verify the ballot, by trusting in the bullet

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was listening to Sean Hannity with a caller venting in a New York accent about "Donald Trump is gonna lose to a criminal if he doesn't change his message".
When Homo Hannity replied that Mr. Trump has gone teleprompter, did exactly what this fucktard was demanding, the fucktard had nothing to add of genius, as the fucktard had not been informed enough of what Mr. Trump was doing in what the insiders were demanding and the fraud polls were still .......yeah still preparing all of you nimwits for a Hillary Clinton election theft so you mutton accept it.

Homo Hannity did though state something that half the US population would vote for Hillary if she pulled out a gun and shot someone, as the "country is that screwed up".

This is what I desire for all of you to focus upon, as it is the question you will have to ask yourself in awareness, in we all know that the past elections were all fraud from Harry Reid in Nevada, to Al Franken in Minnesota, to Barack Obama nationwide.
You have National Review now mocking the Americans for Trump in the vote fraud in order to try and repulse them to accepting the gulag, so it is a Mockingbird conditioning, and again begs the question you are going to have to answer in, "If Mr. Trump is not in the White House after the November elections, are you going to accept the vote fraud for your death, or are you going to take actions which will get you assassinated by the police state or placed into prison with the Bundy's for the rest of your ass raped lives?"

Are you going to accept vote fraud as under Romney and McCain in losing, and are you going to accept vote fraud as under Karl Rove in your winning twice?
You only have a few months to decide on this, as that answer is going to be made whether you like it or not, and the results are going to be your quick death or your slow death by the police state.

It appears that Mr. Trump will file lawsuits over vote fraud, and launch poll watchers, but you have to understand that the vote fraud is not going to take place at the polls, but is going to take place in the electronic programs tabulating the vote fraud.

When one has Homo Hannity stating that 50% of the American gulag is filled with socio and psychopaths, why is Homo Hannity then telling Americans to trust in a corrupt election system filled with lunatics. It is equivalent of a Christian being in a Muslim Sharia state and trusting in elections that are not going to get them raped or murdered.

That is the reality in this, and the question you are going to have to be aware of, because except for the fringe which is populated with BATFE MOG's implicating Citizens in crimes and keeping files on the Citizens, who are boasting about "doing something" which does not factor in that America is too large of nation for individuals to affect change by coercion or violence, as the individual will be shot down like LaVoy Finicum and the Hillary voters will cheer about it, and the Hannity voters will silently be glad that another right wing trouble maker is dead by the police state, as those Patriots endanger the bribes of luxury all of these fucktard are more interested in than America.

The question is, how insane are each one of you who look to fraudulent elections for deliverance, and then accept Hillary Clinton having the election stolen for her, which will lead to your being rounded up by SWAT if you are not shot first, for all of the stupid things you posted on Facebook. You literally are looking to November, but not past it, without one thought of what you are going to do, except to accept the elections and think that this entire Minder State is just going to ignore you for being an enemy of the state.

The reason I place these facts before you, is no one else will. We have all now witnessed the "Fix Trump" advice and it has not done a thing to change the FRAUD POLLS, no more than it will the FRAUD ELECTIONS, so the question again comes to you, in what are you going to do as you are absolutely clueless.

There is a denial in America and it goes to journalists who are for America as in Devvy Kidd. This writer has written of vote fraud, and uncovered a most interesting repeating pattern in incumbents usually win by an 81% vote and  the loser ends up crushed by 18%. 81 18 is a pattern whenever a Paul Ryan is challenged. Yet Ms. Kidd in her latest column is once again following the "Reince Priebus must send out an election alert to all party heads warning of vote fraud"......ah Jeff Rense with David John Oates caught Reince Priebus meeting with Cruz and Kasich and spoke of "menacing the vote" in Wisconsin which was stolen from Donald Trump.
I sort of believe that the head of the GOP who in Reverse Speech spoke of terror funding coming into the GOP from Muslims to destroy Donald Trump, sort of in Big Koch Wisconsin knows all about vote fraud, as he is part of it.
The same case is made for "election observers" as I touched on above. It does not matter if 500 million Americans watch a billion US votes cast at the polls, because the fraud is the electronics and you can have all the ballots on paper you like, because the official tabulation will come just like Al Franken stealing the election from Norm Coleman with full cooperation from Karl Rove in the State and Federal regimes verifying this, and protecting all the fraud ballots.
Do you really believe that any County Treasurer who oversees elections is going to produce ballots that her Secretary of State and Governor just stated gave Hillary an 81% landslide if they want to keep their lives?

So you know what this is and the way it would play, it will be ballots will disappear, and in key precincts it is certain there are already paper ballots giving Hillary Clinton the win, just as they did Obama, and the real ballots ended up in Lyndon Johnson's trunk to be burned in a big Texas fire later that night.
(That would be how landslide Lyndon stole his first election from the people of Texas.)

That is the reality, and why Mr. Trump is correct in vote observers, who can document enough vote fraud, BUT IT HAS TO BE REAL TABULATION which is going to be a problem and in the end, Mr. Trump requires experts like Robert Mercer to monitor the software tabulation, but then Mr. Mercer is going to lose his head as his software stole elections for Ted Cruz.

So this is the election. It is going to be the Obama Dominion software for Clinton, the Bill gates software for the Neocons and the Mercer software supposedly for Donald Trump.......if that is not another set up. It is going to be who can steal the most votes electronically and that is what will decide it.

It then comes down to what was posted here that it was going to take 40 million loaded guns for Donald Trump so Mr. Trump can seize his rightfully won election from those who are stealing American elections. It all depends on that reality. Mr. Trump has to muddy the waters of Hillary Vote Fraud enough, not trust the courts, and stir up the mob with the loaded guns to make the vote frauds back down in realizing that the police state has somehow been bribed to stand down or back Mr. Trump.

You have to answer the question though, to get beyond the fiction of trusting in elections and thinking that there is an America with rights left for you after this November, as there is no America with rights for you now. Try ignoring Obamacare. Try being like those fool Bundy's in thinking they can fight the fight in the courts.

Come midnight November 8th and November 9th dawns, is the reality in which you will be forced to answer a question. If you are foolish and ignorant to wait until then, you will be a product of despair and fear, and only react which is stupid as emotions will get you killed.

I don't see the rich well off in this, as fleeing from one Isalmic rape gang in Europe or Oz is not exactly a rapture you will enjoy, no more than Rapistan Canada or Zikastan in South America. Logic points this to in numbers of people are going to die horrid deaths no matter their decision. The best solution is President Donald Trump taking his victory in walking softly with a big stick. Mr. Trump needs the big stick and must come to the complete picture that trusting alone in the ballot of 2016 will make Ivanka a prison whore in the gulag and the grandchildren sold to the DC pedophiles.

Donald Trump must express one prayer in this criminal age and I neither speak for him nor lecture at him for the sake of humanity and civilization.

In 2016, it will be the American Reagan Russian proverb, upon a new guarded city on a hill, verify the ballot, by trusting in the bullet.

- Lame Cherry

I speak of realities here and not fiction. I live in the future and predict your present from that vantage point, because the illusions of the past have provided you, your delusions of your present, and that fallacy condemns you not to a future, but to a vanishing point.

again, the popular girl, Lame Cherry

You no longer have Lyndon Johnson around protecting you from the fruits of assassination for your good. It is all evil now for your great hurt.

Nuff Said


Friday, August 26, 2016

The Secret Service Action Alert

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Not so long ago a murdered CIA Director summoned his friend in Nebraska to express his concerns over the militia movement in Americans no longer trusted their government.

That era has now passed, but not the pedophiles behind it. Nor has the era passed when Christians, Veterans, Patriots and Gun Owners were first placed on terror watch lists in the 1990's by the Clinton regime by Hillary Rodham Clinton.

In the desperate focus of Hillary Clinton in Nevada, upon the right wing conspiracy in order to keep the blacks herded on the Clinton slave trade, something appeared which no one has yet realized in the shout which was heard round the world.

An American there, Sean Lewandowski, first shouted out INFOWARS.COM when Mrs. Clinton singled out Alex Jones. What followed though is the walking across your grave which no one has noticed.

Mr. Lewandowski next shouted PEPE when the ALT RIGHT came under attack from Hamrod. Pepe is the green frog meme of the Alt Right.

“As for the ‘Pepe’ shout… She gave me the opening by saying “alt right” with a bit of a pause, so I pounced. It was just to kind of throw off her false narrative and a shout out to the fellow patriots on “Frog Twitter” for all their hard work in trying to get Donald Trump into the White House. About 3 seconds after I screamed “Pepe”, I was escorted out by Secret Service”.

What is chilling about this is, Alex Jones exhibited absolutely no reaction from the Secret Service, but they closed immediately in one person shouting out PEPE. The entire Hillary Clinton audience had absolutely no idea of what Pepe was, but the Secret Service does.

I will repeat that the Secret Service knows what PEPE is, and they have action orders to close on anyone associated with that name or image. If one requires a further explanation, PEPE is an action order, equal to producing a firearm at a political event. Do not lose that reality in understanding the red flag alert on that.

Return to Michelle Fields, chasing down Donald Trump, a device in her hand, her accosting Donald Trump in touching him which is forbidden, and there was absolutely no response. No response really ever from the Secret Service in anyone shouting out murderous things at Donald Trump, and it requires literally a lunatic attacking Mr. Trump on stage to get a response from response even in Minneapolis when Afroids jump on Trump vehicles......but one person calling out PEPE, and the Secret Service closes and pounces instantly.

All of that violence and threat against Mr. Trump by the left and neocons, and no response from the Secret Service, but the Secret Service knows what PEPE is and immediately takes the person down, because they are viewed as an assassin and terrorist.

I am not exaggerating this reality, because in observing what the BATFE does in setting Americans up with their MOG's and witnessing how the FBI data mines every last word Americans post on Facebook and Twitter. one realizes that the Secret Service is not just watching Ricky Vaughn and the Alt Right, Alex Jones audience, the Breitbart commentators and others listed by the Obama Clinton regime......that those on this list are listed as terrorists and assassins, and their entire dialogue is well known by Secret Service, and simply uttering one word in PEPE brings the same response as a firearm.

There is a reality in this that no one has focused completely upon, and that is all of those listed above, in if you have posted comments, are associated with the above targets of Hillary Clinton, are going to be facing the Bundy and Finicum treatment, with the same silence that Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin greeted that adventure.

I am going to repeat this so it soaks in. The Secret Service is educated, well versed and active alert on the speech patterns of certain Americans.

There is an action alert against those listed above by the Obama regime, and if Mrs. Clinton views it politically necessary, ask yourself how long it will be, before one of the above in a PEPE t shirt is shot as an assassin or is manufactured as one.

The police state knows what PEPE is and views it as a threat, along with all of those linked to it or other groups.

Understand that this is not a game and the police state is on action alert, and been conditioned to view this as part of the Threat Matrix in briefings.



As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. 


I mean that tears it in Hillary Clinton is not worthy or qualified to be President of more than the Fabian Fan Club, because she molests pickles.

Seriously, who could mistreat a jar of Vlasic or Gerber pickles, but Jimmy Kimmel and Hillary Clinton in a stunt to prove she had strength to be in the White House, by violating the most sacred trusts on earth, in pickles.

Pickles are just holier than the Pope. Pickles are the food group which people in bars drinking beer, never have to order take out to survive. Yes, a good dill pickle, a good pickled egg for protein and then the beer is your bread, and you have your complete meal, certain to conquer nations with or create wunderbah nations like Germany.

Hell if you throw in some sausage and cheese, you will never have to go home again, as many beer drinkers can attest to, in the owners just sweep around them.

Picklegate is the lowest thing Hillary Clinton has ever done. Lower than ass  raping Chris Stevens to death and lower than castrating Khadaffi, because pickles have the deeper meaning if Hillary Clinton had been home screwing around with Bill Clinton's pickles, then he would not have been out raping women. It all comes down to pickles.

.......and what of that smarmy Jimmy Kimmel. Before Kimmel degraded that nice Jewish girl, Sarah Silverman was a almost WASP in anyone would take her home to meet their mother, but after Kimmel, she was menstrating, aborting and appearing with Al Franken attacking Bernie Sanders voters. Sarah was a nice Jewish girl before Kimmel, and now she is just the whore of Babylon.

Hillary Clinton was the same. She just blackmailed people, people she knew got murdered, she abused poor Bill and she stole things, like furnishings out of the White House. But one time with Jimmy Kimmel and she is abusing pickles.

And it gets worse, because there is a always rehearsal, and only satan knows where Jimmy Kimmel had those pickles stuffed into or Hillary Clinton sucking on.....or both. That Kimmel leads everyone astray and now Hillary Clinton is in the gutter abusing pickles.

As a leader of PAP, Pickles are Protected, the Lame Cherry calls upon PETA, the Human Society and all other Hillary Clinton groups to rise up and protect these innocent creatures. The Lame Cherry calls on the FCC to investigate, Loretta Lynch to investigate and for Congress to investigate in SOP, Save Our Pickles.

No one wants to be in a LGBTQRSTUV world where pickles are abused like gerbils or become confused with do you put your dildo in the fridge or your pickles after they are opened from the package? Hillary Clinton has crossed the line and Jimmy Kimmel has doubled down in twice abusing pickles.

Emailgate was one thing, but Picklegate has gone too far. Let us all join together to stop this, as who knows what debauchery Hillary Clinton will bend to after her first wanton taste of Jimmy Kimmel pickle. 


Clinton hits new roadblocks in campaign for White House...

ASSANGE: 'Most interesting and serious' info yet to come...




The Clinton Foundation's Hovering Dark Cloud

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

When I first mentioned the Socio Conglomerates earlier this year in this nefarious group of oligarch and politicians in a police state managed by an unseen aristocracy, it was fitting that the police state for Mrs. Clinton's oligarchs should murder LaVoy Finiucm and unleash this draconian persecution of the Bundy Mormons to the now years long slaughter of Blacks in Chicago, as the commerce of mining and the ghetto economy is more profitable than paying all of the Obama super taxes.
It is all the same mechanism and the Clinton Foundation is the fabric which patches it all together.

ARK DEM-GAZ WARNS NATION: Hillary Getting Away With Ethics Shorcuts For Long, Long Time...


Clinton Cash Map...


'Sensitive' cable undercuts story about Russian uranium deal...

WIKILEAKS Dump Looms: Assange Claims 'Game Changer'...

In all honesty, no one has defined what Bill Clinton is, and that is simply, Bill Clinton is a lobbyist. That is what the Clinton Foundation is. It is nothing of a charity, but utilizes charity like Lutheran Social Services, Catholic Charities and Jewish Charity, to make immense profits under the cover of "doing good", where the good involves promoting mayhem, whereby their market in humanity will profit most.

Bill Clinton was the open door to which oligarchs, terrorists, arms traders, sexual perverts and whatever else had the cash to create a pattern like this:

An Arab Muslim billionaire approaches Bill and says, "Mr. Bill, I don't want to be dragged through the streets like Khadaffi who called Obama his brother, what can be done?"

Bill says, "I hear ya brother. I would hear you better for 5 million cash and Hillary as Secretary of State will hear you really good for 30 million, and if I ever stop off there for a speech, you can share me some of your child brides you are buying out of India as they do not make pillows like they used to there Swammi".

With that, Bill has a face to face with Hillary, and the deal is worked out, the turban head keeps his head, shares his wealth with the Clinton Foundation, Hillary 2016 and starts benefiting the oil pirates called ISIS and the turban head disappears from the front page of the news.

That is all the Clinton's are. If you want a revisit of this, one can return to America of the 1870's, in which the Indian Ring operated in America, in buying access to handle the millions in dollars of Indian welfare in skimming profits, taking bribes from arm's merchants to arm the terrorists, and whatever  blanket seller or beef seller who happened to offer up a big enough bribe.
This ended with General George Custer exposing all of this before Congress and to this day that is why he is still smeared, in his assassination was in retaliation for breaking this ring, which evolved into other evils like German Genocide, which got General George S. Patton murdered in Europe, for being against the threat of FDR's Soviet friends.

That is the treacherous reality of what the Obama regime has been about since the summer of 2008 when Obama's representatives were telling the Narco Leftists of South America that Obama would be President, so they should cut a dope deal with this group, in employing al Qaeda as their mules to transport cocaine into Africa and into Europe.
Those are the types of deals that Obama was working with his Muslim brothers. No one has broken this or explained it, but when Birther Obama was conning all the Muslim leaders from Egypt, Libya and Syria, it was a con. Obama was the communist agent in the room of change he believed in for his benefactors, and these Islamic dolts trusted him, and that is what the Arab Spring was about. It was leftist Islam of Obama murdering Nationalist Islam, because that was the better community organized deal for the cartel.

I am going to remind all of you about that "evil" Bashir Assad, as Obama was breaking bread with Assad in giving huge Boeing contracts to Assad........same Assad that Obama, like Khadaffi and Mubarak was trying to murder in revolution just a few years later.

Yes all of you have forgotten that the most "evil" man in the Mideast was Obama's buddy in 2009. It was all though the same scam that George Soros pulled on Col. Khadaffi in getting the Colonel to release the terrorists from prisons.
All Syria has ever been about is using Obama terrorists out of north Iraq to steal oil from Iraq and Syria. What George W. Bush destroyed in Saddam Hussein, Barack Obama recreated in ISIS in not oil for palaces, but oil for political parties.

If you can handle the most chilling of realities in Saddam Hussein in order to stop the Bush war, offered to purchase most of Detroit's automobile production and as the negotiator left, Hussein said, "If that is not enough, tell them I will double the order".

For those who think that type of thing is bullshit, here is what the camel traders have always been up to.

Chevrolet Malibu - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Chevrolet Malibu ... General Motors of Canada in Oshawa produced a special order of 25,500 four-door Malibu sedans for Saddam Hussein ... In the United States, ...

Yes the reason Chevy Malibu's were around for years, is because Saddam Hussein was importing them in mass for Iraq.

There is no difference in any of this with the Clintons. Bill and Hillary in order to get a pipeline out of South Russia, not under Russian control, started the Kosovo War on the fiction of Serbian war crimes and Muslim genocide. All that Muslim genocide was, was cover for Saudi Arabia funding a Muslim state in Europe, and we can now see what a wonderful idea that was, in it was the forward base for importing terrorists and creating the White Muslim Terrorist.

This is what the Clinton's have always been about. If it was not the Obama Indonesians in the Riyadi family shutting off Mormon coal in Utah for Asian coal, Chinese funds into Obama Hawaii to gain access to the US Stock Market, all for Clinton campaign funds, it is selling US uranium assets to the Russians.
If all of this sounds psychotic in Hillary hates Putin and then sells Putin uranium mines, it is how the Rothschild syndicate always operates. Profit from conflict is the agenda. Weaken nations, pit them against each other, have them murder each other, and when the war is over and tensions are left over, you sell guns to both sides.

Is any of what the Clintons are carrying out illegal? Every act is illegal, and citizens used to have a government which imprisoned an executed criminals like this. In the Grant years, the Congress  at least investigated the crimes, even when it ended in the murder of Americans at the Little Big Horn. There was a cover up and the terrorists still are Obama liberal bitching about it all, but the fact is that criminal regimes murder people as they sell for profit to the nation rapists.

There is not any government or regime in America. All it is, is a conglomerate mafia which murders people like removing vending machines that are out of date. The Clinton Foundation, is like most foundations from Buffett's fraud network to employ his sucklings or the MacArthur and Ford Foundation which are NGO's or Non Government Organizations which move into nations with promises of help, and they simply fund revolution. That is why Putin threw out the MacArthur Foundation.

The Clinton's though are amassing their fortune to make their family "players" when they are dead. The money in the bribes means absolutely nothing, except this NGO is what Bill and Hillary are working for as their legacy to fuck people's lives up across the globe and America. See this socio conglomerate is a tool of the elite to destroy people in order to take control of their nations. That is why the Clinton's are so driven in this, because in this phase their NGO is the money laundering and power brokering weapon for Hillary to steal the White House. Once Hillary steals power, then that NGO is going to discover billions, not from ISIS oil kickbacks, but those billions in all that gold which is being horded in Moscow and Peking. Of course, there are great hegemony issues the elites are moving forward on their satanic agenda, but Bill and Hillary have their own private Idaho in the Clinton Foundation which will be the functioning and living extension of their legacy. That is what this NGO is all about in the Clinton legacy. It is the cancer to eat the life out of every free people it touches. The Clinton's will be feeding on free peoples, if Jesus does not return, when Chelsea's horse chompers are just dentures.

This group has shattered society and the world, into Balkans of conflict in all nations, and where there was not enough conflict as the Afroid failed in America, the Muslim was introduced in militantism.

So you get this, in the not too distant future, the Clinton Foundation, like George Soros will be a nation unto it's own right and power. These socio conglomerates are going to be robotic Blackwaters, armed, waging not war alone, but utilizing the courts against the mutton of the fields. This is the transformation which is coming all houses in the criminal enterprise of the Clinton Foundation in what it will evolve to become.

Bill Clinton does not have to be the bastard son of a Rockefeller any longer. Hillary Clinton does not have to be a minder to the bastard Bill. No the Clinton Foundation, once Hamrod steals the White House from the American People, will have a direct power, funding and police state enforcing it's will. It will not be the Woodrow Wilson or John Kennedy brainwashing schools. It will be the entity with drones exterminating all rivals as the corporate state empowered by Obamatrade will displace the balkan nation state like a hovering dark cloud.

Chart composed of the investigative work of Wayne Madsen.


The Gauntlet of Summer

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is probably a unique problem here, but if others have it, this is how we deal with it.

Mom's house is a homesteader house. It is poorly designed, is  something I have never liked, and we had bees in the roof when I was growing up, and now have wasps and hornets.

Yes I spray the hornets, but the wasps are a necessity as they eat black widow spiders. I leave the mud daubers alone,  as long as they do not come into the house, but they have a proclivity for it and once in I am not going to let them out.

It is dangerous to swat them. It is not something I am going to do in spraying Raid to poison us, so while I do have a bug zapper with a light, that fries them......smells like burned dog hair and still does not kill them, this is the key.

Wasps fly toward light, so one turns off the light. They then  fly toward the window, where I then carefully trap them with a wide mouth canning jar....slide over the mouth as it is on the window one of those junk mail postcards and then slide a canning lid top over that, and then cap it up.
They get madder than a hornet literally, and no mistakes are allowed as those daubers come for revenge if they ever get loose.

The black or deep blue wasps are the ones I do my utmost to protect. They have never stung me, and I fondly remember them in the garden on potato plants. They are not aggressive, but seem to have the intelligence of the daubers, in the last one I had in here, I shut off the lights, and it flew to the kitchen, then the porch door, and I opened it, and out it went, to never return.

Wasps are necessary in eating spiders in the predatory chain. I leave the daubers at peace if they leave me at peace. The hornets, I will kill every one of those paper hanging bastards I can spray. Last year while butchering chickens they maliciously stung me like 3 times just for spite. Nothing redemptive about a colony bug with stingers that does not produce honey and looks like a fat Hillary Clinton on welfare taking a village to raise a hornet.

Oh and in the hornets outside, if you wait for like 60 degree weather, they are sluggish and you can really do the deed on them then.

I just have to be careful in this as the black blue wasps are a great benefit as a predator, so it means selective pesticide and canning jars in running the gauntlet of summer.


This Nacht of Revelation

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I witness the horizon clearly now my children and my brats on This Nacht of Revelation, and it is peaceful emotion, serene in all of it's vision, for it is the antithesis of God and Creation, and all we are taught to be fruitful and multiply. It is beyond the inner fears to the inner lusts.
It is the millstone about the neck of this savage civilization.

I understand the fear of death, even as I was always immersed in the welcome serenity it brings to the troubled soul locked in this world. What I did not comprehend though was the destruction, because it was not God's character, but it is of God's Order, for God allows the antithesis of Him in the destroyer to cleanse the world of all the antithesis in it.

Entire movements of rapturians, human created dogmas denying God, have been invested in the denial of the natural progression. It has created a bias to stay alive, to build, to store up, and yet the grave with worms and maggots await, buried and unburied, the corpse of the land, fertilizing the greenery which suckles that life marrow, to the fruited plains.

The Great Tribulation, massive death, massive destruction, Wormwood meteors, giant tidal waves, dictatorships, starvation, famine, disease, rape and murder. All terrify the core and bring a resistance to that chaos in fear, but step through my children, and you will find beyond the fear, at the center of darkness, is the womb which you born from, in a calm eye of the storm, which when embraced, no longer cowers and terrifies the soul, but electrifies it.

Feel the energies of 10.0 earthquakes, of the lightning storm, the monsoon flood, the tornado winds shredding the land.
Feel the concussion of meteors, of atomic bombs, of shock weapons. Feel the rage of fiery infernos consuming cities and roasting flesh. Feel the charge of destruction in the pleasantness it generates, and then you will understand the serial murder and the serial genocidists who wish to unleash this upon 7 billion humans, upon civilization, upon the world, and then you will understand where they feed from and how they are possessed by it to their cores, and have that orgasmic unction of obsession to bring this to the god inside of them, they worship by destroying all.

They have you fearing this my children and my brats, but do not in this krystal nacht of vision fear any of it, but for those with Christ in their hearts, go to that center of darkness, in all of it's calm and be empowered by that power.

See in your minds cities engulfed in the energies released. Feel the shock current of mass rape in the energies generated. See the explosion of nature in rebellion against evil, and in all of that calm, stand on your hind legs for the first time in your life, and realize the fear you have is fearing an end to your lust to pile up in this world, against those who lust to tear down. You have given a dam to this force in resisting it and it wearies you to fight it. Instead open the flood gates, burst the damn, bring on the fired deluged and if it consumes you, know the next moment you will be in Christ, and if it does not, relish the banquet of energies surrounding you in the current of the storm.

How can this be Christian? How can it be not, in the Consuming Flame obliterating sin, death and devil. End resisting the Prophetical current and embrace it for Christ's return. Fuel your not yet arced souls with the atomic release of energies, which makes this internet which you sponge upon like vampyres a match stick compared to the sun.

Malachi 1: 6 -7

A son honoureth his father, and a servant his master: if then I be a father, where is mine honour? and if I be a master, where is my fear? saith the LORD of hosts unto you, O priests, that despise my name. And ye say, Wherein have we despised thy name?

Ye offer polluted bread upon mine altar; and ye say, Wherein have we polluted thee? In that ye say, The table of the LORD is contemptible.

I understand now that which was born to this, to enjoy the consumption of the world by evil, by not being evil. Oh the beauty of Dresden in fire bomb. The beauty of Prussian cunt raped to hamburger. The beauty of Hiroshima, not on national scale, but on global scales of Sodom continents and Noah deluges for the world. To be intimate with the recompense, the reckoning, the End Times. To have the destroyer do all the darkest of things which you have been trained not to do. To delight in genocides not seen since the earth was uplifted, and now experienced in mountains laid flat and islands fleeing away.

See it my children. See it my brats. Walk through the curtain and embrace the Prophetic End of evil.

Walked through or you will be pushed, for your virginity will be taken in this and you will enjoy the pleasure of it as it continues on.

Be not afraid. Christ is not afraid. I am not afraid.

You have murdered my life, raped my soul, murdered that which I love, and it was not enough, so now understand that your evil has now armed me with the tools of God's Visitation, to amplify and multiply the report which comes in concussion. I was born in this brier patch and I am now ready for the flame like Samson to bring down this heathen house in Spiritual response.

It is the thing about death. She is wonderful mistress. She calmly holds you, warms you, and takes you back into the womb you long to return to. The living is the hard part up to death, but death is the easy part.
So there is no terror in death, no more chagrine in life in all you have tried in vain to pull into orbit about you in your gravity, for your mansion is no more than a bird's next and your vault no more than a pack rat's burrow. When they die, when you die, the wind scatters and the earth buries, for some other creature to try and horde to their grave just like Solomon.

So I embrace the tribulation, set loose by the covetousness inside of humanity. I will find it comforting to have the hot sun clouded by swarms of flies on a 5 billion rotting humans. I will find it soothing to listen to trillions of maggots, writhing like the soft squeak of plastic in the rotting flesh which they consume.
What is a world but for a Christian child's pleasure, so why not embrace the greatest pleasure of all, in the devourers being devoured, and if your vista is in Heaven, so much the higher and if upon an earthly plain, then so much the grandeur of being born for a time to witness the end of an age.

How can anyone fear or lament such an awesome release of energies and powers. Why should the evil only be thrilled by such a pageant, when the good are as alive and having nerve receptors to be energized by the same release.

You enjoy the crackling fire as it draws you in, so enjoy the burning of bones in the warmth of that epitaph.

This concludes this prose as I move to the future, that glorious future of so very much energy to be thrilled by in this grand release. I yearn for the time for which I was born, a hurricane of death, a typhoon of horror, a cyclone of screams, a storm of sacrifice of evil to the great destroyer.

"Light me", I said, "Light me and fulfill the purpose you were assembled, you cordwood to burn on the nacht of revelation."

What is death by bullet, but so much transfer of energy. No bangs, just concussion, the lifting of the body, and the metallic slide of the action. Knives are the resistance of the human leather, so that is why throats are slit, and the warm spray of blood upon your flesh. An atomic event is so much the more artillery concussion, the death wind, the shock of the human nerve freezing as it contemplates fight or flight, and then the kinder are tinder.
What of the unfortunate who evade death with limbs blown off, guts dragging behind them or the prelude of bloody gums and bloody shits.
Alas dying long has that feel of the burdensome scent of death, in being too sour to make the saliva flow in you and too heavy as breathing dust.

Such handicaps in I never liked garlic which is that flavor of death and that rancid cheese which is the taste of corpse. That though is all now being overcome my children and my brats as I feel the energies being released in those who worship such things.......

Alas sweet night reveal such things
Such things that only sweet death brings


Thursday, August 25, 2016

the nuclear fall out of 9 11

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Someone named Professor James Fetzer is now stating that nuclear type devices brought down the Twin Towers, and supplies evidence in 9 11 being "solved" in radiation detection badges went off on firefighters after the second Tower collapsed.

Apparently no one has brought up that the "nuclear fall out" might have been in one of the businesses which was housed in the second tower as in that business had nuclear material in quantity to set off such an event. One might remember that in OKC a warhead which BATFE had in the basement of that explosion.

I am not stating that the Towers were not pulled, as I do believe they were, but it does not require nuclear weapons, as this was not an explosion, but an implosion.

I will not comment further on this issue as I have spoken on this enough and place the realities here which are never considered by the always experts. One does not need Star Trek to fry an egg.