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The Accidental Diabetic Muslim

Ohio Muslim Brutally Honor Kills Daughter, Family Excuses Murder With 4 Words

Tahani Masour, another victim of Islam in America
Murdered by her Muslim father 

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is such a relief to find out that a shot of insulin will cure all Muslim violence in this world, as it is diabetes which caused 9 11, suicide bombers, Obama genocide in the Muslim world and of course all of the Muslim terror events.
We now know that the bribe given to Iran in billions of dollars was not about giving money to terrorism, but Muslim image Obama providing funds to Shia Muslims to buy insulin.

We know all of this, because of an incident in Ohio, of Honor Murder, that the reason he capped two rounds into her head in the middle of the night, was due to Jamal Masour having diabetes.

As expected, politically correct officials are scrambling for a motive, even though Jamal and his family members admitted that he and Tahani had an argument before he shot her. However, the most sickening detail is that the media are running with the family’s ludicrous excuse — that Jamal accidentally shot his daughter because he has diabetes.

Yes it is a relief to know that two planes flying into the Twin Towers on 9 11 was exactly like the two shots this father pumped into his daughter's head, as it was all an accident.

I never would have diagnosed any of this in correlating accidental Muslim violence, all linked now to a sugar disorder from a faulty pancreas.

Apparently Mohammad and his millions suffer from mass diabetic reaction, which is most interesting in, does diabetes cause Muslim violence, or does diabetes draw people to Islam, or is Islam the cause of all Muslims being diabetic.

It seems now if all Muslims were simply mandated to have automatic insulin injectors placed in them, that all of this Muslim violence would stop. The Germans make a wonderful synthetic insulin, which would provide Bayer with a fortune.

I personally do not know if Christians all have healthy pancreas, but in Islam it is a condition.

All medical evidence aside, it is evident what caused this late night murder of a girl, was this Shia (Masour is an Iraqi Iranian, therefore Shia name.) literally Americanized and not going to be a covered in wool beast of burden.

The daughter Tahani Masour, at age 27, was literally locked up in the house, as was this entire family. The neighbors never saw this family as this father ruled them like a 3rd world dictator. This is the face of Islam in the Obama hundreds of thousands of Muslim imports. This is not about mosques going up across America by the thousands, but is about what is taking place in tens of thousands of Hillary Clinton Muslim homes in America supporting her, in a Stockholm Syndrome of Islam.

It perhaps makes sense why Huma Abedin's mother exclaimed to Hillary Clinton that Clinton saw Huma more in a few days that Huma's family had seen her in five years. Huma fled Islamic confines not suffering from diabetes, but because of how brutal it is.

There must be a Christian Feminist intervention to rescue the women of Islam from the brutality they are exposed to inside America. Muslim Women must be emancipated  from this religion if that is their choice. The West can not have any more Tahani Masour's being suppressed, enslaved or murdered.

It is ridiculous the propaganda which Islam is encased in, and the excuses it has in the oil soaked press.

This beautiful American woman was murdered in America, and the guilty with the blood on their hands are not just the father, but it is the regime of enabling Barack Hussein Obama and the blood on her hands of Hillary Clinton who laughed at Khadaffi's murder.

The only emancipation of Muslims is going to occur with Donald Trump as President. This lunacy of now blaming diabetes for Muslim murder is what Obama Clinton has infected America with. A Muslim and a media have shot bullets into a young girls brain, and she clung to life for 10 hours before dying, and instead of remorse, another Muslim excuse is promoted, now blaming diabetes for Muslim insanity.

Ohio Muslim Brutally Honor Kills Daughter, Family Excuses Murder With 4 Words


Another Trump Victory Sign

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Rush Limbaugh is a most interesting study some times in his scripted talking points and on Wednesday September 28th in the first hour, he had a millennial on who was 31 years old, acting like what he had to say came down from the mount. What the milltard though was talking about was not being for Hillary, and not being that excited about any Republicans, until he watched the debate.
What the milltard was going to say though, BEFORE RUSH LIMBAUGH CUT HIM OFF, was that after the debate, he was now excited about Donald Trump and an avid supporter.

Now why in hell would Rush Limbaugh cut off a caller representing milltards, as I thought the idea was to defeat Hillary Clinton right?

The answer would of course be obvious in that objective is now completed, and is why the cucks are hand-wringing and why the Hillary supporters are fading away like the long lonesome winter. Donald Trump is surging so far ahead, that old Hamrod can not steal this.
So why would Limbaugh be now trying to suppress votes?

It is because the Big Koch and GOPliters do not want Donald Trump winning this by such a landslide that he really is going to have Congress scared shipless, and Donald is going to role back all of this oligarchy in a few months and make America Constitutional again.
That is what this is all about now, in trying to suppress Donald Trump from a landslide which is going to put the GOP on a leash and bring Democrats to heel. A massive vote for Trump will absolutely undermine the conglomerate rulers for at least 2 years, and that is what Rush Limbaugh is trying to arrest.

It is a positive sign in this that Limbaugh has marching orders to suppress votes for Big Koch. It is something that each of us should work now to bring out even more numbers of voters to really vanquish this feudal few, to free America from this gulag.

I am moved in this to expose Rush Limbaugh for the few who still are half brains, and to also show what a half brain he always has been in the following.

Most of you probably remember Christopher Kit Carson who ran the Limbaugh show. He died of brain cancer recently and Rush Limbaugh posted the following, which really has nothing to do with his staff member.

Fifty-six years old.  He arrived around age 30 or 31, grew up in Milwaukee.  He was insistent, you know, when he introduced himself to people, "Yeah, I'm Kit Carson," and he assumed everybody thought that meant he'd be related to the famous cowboy character, Kit Carson, so he told everyone, "Yeah, my name is really Kit Carson."

Jon Hall as Kit Carson; and the real Kit Carson.

Cowboys do not wear buckskins.

Cowboy character Kit Carson. I will repeat that in Cowboy character Kit Carson, so it soaks in. Kit Carson was never a cowboy in his life. Kit Carson was one of the first Plainsmen in American History. He was a Scout for John Charles Fremont's expedition to California, was part of the American expeditionary force which liberated California from the Mexican Empire, and Kit Carson was a Colonel in the US Military.

Kit Carson was a Trapper. Kit Carson was a trader. Kit Carson twice herded thousands of sheep through Indian lands for market to California, and never lost a sheep or had a problem with Indians.

Kit Carson was the confidant and friend of Jesse Benton Fremont, wife of the first Republican Nominee for President, John Charles Freemont, and daughter of the great Missouri Senator Thomas Hart Benton who formed America in that period in Congress.

Saying Kit Carson was a cowboy, is like saying Ronald Reagan was telegraph operator, because Reagan was on radio. The era of cowboys did not occur on the Great Plains, until Mr. Carson had passed this veil.

That is always the kind of thing which comes spewing out of Rush Limbaugh's mouth in his patrician ignorance, and unless it is scripted, as in the placing on air of a milltard, and then cutting off the 30 something child before he can gush on Trump to suppress votes, it is a matter of Rush Limbaugh never getting anything completely right, and everything half assed.

It is just the point in this, that Rush Limbaugh has been sabotaging Donald Trump from Day One, first for oligarch patsy Ted Cruz, and then for Big Koch again in suppressing votes.

Know this, as of this date, that Donald Trump is trending toward a historical landslide in power which is going to save every one of you reading this. That will cut off the oligarchs and the cartel in neutralizing them for some time.

Remember that when you hear of Rush Limbaugh in what treachery he has been up to and is still up to every day.



The Trump Hump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am not so much pondering the victory of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in the Presidential Debate, but more of what a study it is in the Trump Hump Phenomenon. One would have thought after the smears and slurs against Donald Trump from Bush fam, cucks, Ted Cruz and the Obama media from the start, that Mrs. Clinton would have had a more intelligent plan in the first debate, than to attempt this gambit again.

In study of this, there was more intrigue from Mrs. Clinton planned in that event than a Russian novel, acted out in a Mideast Bazaar, scripted by Agatha Christy in a Shylock character. Mrs. Clinton spent two hours trying to bait Mr. Trump concerning women, and he would not stoop to Bill Clinton's level. That then brought out the most "Hillary in the Box" moment where out of the blue she started ranting about women abuse, and the press of course having been given her talking points, jumped on this to crucify Donald Trump with it.

This lasted about 36 hours and then Mrs. Clinton's cheating permeated the conversation, and her choice of the Miss Unifat poster porker started blowing up on her, as we found out she was not only a beefer eating the third world to famine, but she was driving get away cars, getting prego by dope lords and part of assassinating a judge.
I realize that after Vince Foster, Benghazi and Col. Khadaffi sort of reveal that Hillary Clinton is a bit long on the tooth, fang and claw in not thinking drug lord sex, assassination plots and eating starving children is something to embraced, but for the rest of humanity, it sort of leaves the impression that Mrs. Clinton picked out all the people in the world, the beauty pageant version of her heinous self.

In all of this, we once again have witnessed the Trump Hump, the phenomena of MOG's or minder of government like NASCAR was at the beginning in smearing Mr. Trump, a great wave of Truth appearing, and in the end, the public entirely defending and becoming Trump allies again.

It does not make any difference in what the smears are, from Jeb Bush eminent domain to Marco Rubio admiring the size of Donald Trump's hands, it always by God's Grace is an event which spikes, creates an insane hysteria. which settles out after the emotions wane, and then logical minds begin the discourse, as the Obama media shamefully goes silent, and Mr. Trump is shown right again, to which everything settles down and those behind the smear, lose political support.

The situation for Hillary Clinton has become extremely grave as Black Americans are moving to Mr. Trump in waves upon waves, as are Hispanics. She was in a near panic over Florida as Blacks and Cubans are supporting Mr. Trump, handing him a landslide in that state. In a strange situation, Mrs.Clinton has begun targeting the ultra leftist Gary Johnson in  trying to make him road kill and peal off voters from the Libertarians.
This is puzzling as why Mrs. Clinton would think a dope smoking sodomite group, with hands off all things, would naturally vote for her, after her attacks on Johnson, makes absolutely no political sense. It is again though one of these miscalculations as Johnson Weld were entered into this race to split the Trump vote, and at this juncture, leftist Gary Johnson is hurting Mrs. Clinton more, as the Bernie Sanders voters are moving toward Donald Trump after his betrayal, and a minority is choosing Jill Stein.

I take the different track of what leftists think in Jill Stein is to the left of Hillary Clinton, when numbers of her policies are in fact quite right wing, as were Bernie Sanders on jobs and the federal reserve. The Stein voters are principled activists, who have been taken advantage of on environmental issues by the Obama regime, but in reality numbers of their positions are Trump positions, and this is why Hillary Clinton is not targeting Ms. Stein as those voters have nothing in common with Clinton as she touts global warming, cruising around on her private jets.

It is all part of the Trump Hump. It is the curve which has formed a pattern. At the beginning it tends to be a process which teaches Trump supporters, in they do become tense over it and doubt, but by the end of a five days, the Trump supporters have learned the lesson and this foundation which keeps growing, the provides Mr. Trump support to provide a discourse which turns the original attacks back on the perpetrator, which is taking place against Mrs. Clinton.

That is what is perplexing in this, in we have witnessed this take place 16 times in the GOP against Mr. Trump to their utter ruin. We have witnessed this in Univision and NASCAR suffer the same results of being vanquished. It was a pure insanity condition on Hillary Clinton's action to think she could somehow make this process work to her advantage when it ruined everyone else. It is the Trump gravitational effect. Hillary Clinton though things would fall up for her, and they fell down too.

The only action which ever proved beneficial for any candidate, media or business was their feigning support as Ted Cruz did early and as Rush Limbaugh lurked around on.  Literally, Hillary Clinton has one option and that is to stop attacking Donald Trump to her demise, and instead start telling everyone how much she likes Donald Trump and how she would look forward to working with him.

This of course would sound insane to John Podesta whose direction has been burying Hillary Clinton as a sick old bag, but the fact is the only chance Hillary Clinton has, is to become Donald Trump's greatest cheerleader. Otherwise, in the coming weeks, Hillary Clinton will attempt again to bump on Donald Trump, and the Trump Hump will bury here in the coming avalanches.

Put it this way, John Podesta dug the grave for Hamrod. She nose dove in on 9 11 into the abyss. In the first debate, Hillary Clinton closed the lid on the coffin. She keeps this up in the next two debates and in her October Surprise and she will be capping off her epitaph on a piece of marble.

Donald Trump has a charismatic blessed ability, in like the Star Trek corbomite of fiction. Anyone trying to bury him, ends up buried in the Trump Hump. That is not a fiction. That is the reality which keeps repeating itself.

Nuff Said

The Way We Live Now,0,67,98_AL_.jpg

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Anthony Trollope was a British writer of the no one knows him, compared to Charles Dickens or Jane Austin, but he turned out ripping good yarns.

David Suchet Picture

One of my favorites is the story The Way We Live Now, in it was the premier work of David Suchet, who you have seen in numerous works. If you ever have the opportunity to watch this actor, he eclipses evil and is far more sinister than the Penguin in the Batman cartoons, but you think you are watching a penguin in the pure evil form.

The actress Shirley Henderson acts in this wonderful play of characters and she reminds one of a mouse. her character is taken advantage of in love by Matthew Macfadyen, who turns in the best performance of his career too, the complete antithesis of the moral man in Little Dorrit.

Shirley Henderson Picture

What I cherish most about Shirley Henderson is that when she is heartbroken, she turns from a mouse to this snarling feline which simply spits scorn, as an epitaph to all who have had their heart's broken by the heartless who misused them.

I believe honestly that there should be an post humous awards for cinema, where the fad of the moment is long forgotten and people could revisit the golden moments of stage and screen to honor these entertainer's work.
Shirley Henderson's mother acts like a chicken. I do not mean to put all of these characters in animal terms, but they honestly are animal like in their portrayals, in Matthew Macfadyen acts like one of those lazy slobbering hounds you would hope your neighbor would shoot as it keeps peeing on your rose bushes and killing them, but there he sits wagging his tail daily in complete ignorance.

Matthew Macfadyen Picture

There are a number of minor rolls in this series which are outstanding. Douglas Hodge is the perfect moral creature in an immoral world which is gone awry in "the way we live now". In many ways the minor bit parts are really enjoyable, than many of the other larger rolls.

Douglas Hodge Picture

Casting was superb, but in reality it is Shirley Henderson and David Suchet who carry this entire performance they star in. I hope they knew how well they did and no one will ever capture the characters the way they did in making it better, as this must have been the way Anthony Trollope envisioned his characters centuries ago.

Now back to work.



The Wisdom of President Herbert Hoover

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For President Elect Donald Trump, there is always the issue of "caring for the poor", which the left use as a weapon, to which they kill millions of people and enslave billions more. In that though in the passage of time, the discerning can witness the catastrophe of a Franklin Roosevelt, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton community organized system of America spreading death, and the astute Herbert Hoover, Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump governance of a community of caring for Americans.

There are important lessons in this, and of all the myriad of things posted here, this series on American Presidents is one which I would hope that Mr. Trump someday can review in the few quiet moments he has, for the lessons which they will provide.
This is what President Richard Nixon wrote in the 1970's in how much the weight of being President gained buoyancy in knowing other people who experienced the burden of that office for the American Good.

In 1928, Herbert Hoover accepted the nomination of the Republicans with the statement of, "We in American today are nearer to the final triumph over poverty than ever before in the history of the land."

America had just been lifted out of a depression in 1920 brought about speculators in the Woodrow Wilson global war for German genocide with the election of President Harding and the continuation of those low taxes, high tariff and limited immigration, which had returned prosperity to America. America was so close until the financial terrorists led by JP Morgan and the Rothschild's engineered the 1929 collapse to seize control over America. This then brought about the epic community reorganization of America of FDR against the sound policies of Herbert Hoover.

In answering FDR's welfare enslavement of America, President Hoover correctly predicted this:

"If we start appropriations of this character, we have not only impaired something infinitely valuable in the life of the American People, but have struck at the roots of self Government".

- President Herbert Hoover

President Hoover proved absolutely correct, because by the 1960's, the well meaning President Johnson in his war on poverty, created the maelstrom which initiated the degradation of every American racial community to it's demise.

It is a dichotomy of extremes in President Herbert Hoover and the despot Franklin Roosevelt. Hoover who had been chosen by socialist Woodrow Wilson to rescue over 100,000 Americans stranded in Europe in World War I, and then went on to feed Europeans, not by rationing mandates in America, but by appealing to American good will to govern themselves.
It was this trust in Americans which saved the Europeans from starvation, without forcing Americans to do anything.

Compare that with FDR in his ration books, seizing gold and picking American clean for his global war. Compare that with FDR looting the US Treasury and forcing Americans to pay to Social Security, now expanded by Birther Hussein Obama in Obamacare taxes, with the belief and advocacy by President Herbert Hoover in the American People caring for their own, and protecting that goodness from a regime stealing the soul of America.

Ronald Reagan trusted in the goodness of American people, and they every time rose up to that expectation, for Americans are a responsible race if it is expected of them. There has been far too much robbery of the American Soul in the people being told to be irresponsible and allow and institution conduct their God given right to be human.

This was the ministration of President Herbert Hoover in being correct for American Policy and it is a lesson for President Elect Donald Trump. Americans must have good things expected of them, and they must have a President who looks out for their virtue, because the People require it as they are ignorant.

"I was convinced that efficient, honest administration of the vast machine of the Federal government would appeal to all citizens.
I have since learned that efficient government does not interest the people, so much as dramatics".

- President Herbert Hoover

President Elect Donald Trump will have to appreciate the efficiency of his government, because the people only appreciate taking credit for his success.

- Lame Cherry

I may not be a President, but the Inspiration comes from the Holy Ghost and it is always sound.


Thursday, September 29, 2016

Lester Holt Admits To Helping Hillary Clinton Cheat

Not Lazy Eye Clinton, but Crazy Eye Clinton

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. 

The Hillary Clinton reversals in the Trump Debate, reveals again she admits to being a liar, but there are interesting slips in she admits to being ill, covering up Islamic crimes and one which really is fascinating as Hillary Clinton mentions David John Oates specifically as a fact checker exposing her lies, and she is well aware of Mr. Oates abilities and the damage he is doing in exposing this sick old woman.

Hillary Clinton:

Saying she likes being on the stage with Donald Trump: Be honest you. (She hates Donald Trump.)

History being written at the DNC convention:Be honest damn you!!!

Not the facts to Donald Trump: Here the lie, Worry to Bill. (Hillary is lying and it concerns Bill.)

What is Trump tax hiding: I now see little breasts.

Bill Clinton looking at a reporter in a speech (See little breasts.)

On not paying taxes: You're very shocking. (At Mr. Trump)

Go to the fact checkers: David Oates says (Hillary listens to Rense and Oates on the fringe media. She knows she is being outed as a liar. Amazing reversal.)

Words matter on being president: But I am ill.

FBI files: I face an illness

End private prison: My work smashed.

Meeting police:I seal the scrub and Allah (Scrubs the truth on Muslim violence)

Fighting terrorism: A real good fun  

It can't be dismissed in the birther issue- You'll see that sense and you'll fake it.

Mr. Trump having intelligent advisers : Trump said I was evil

Hillary on the border:To do a crime evil much blood

Donald Trump is fascinating in he never calls Hillary Clinton a bitch in reversals, but instead he refers to her as "goddess" in a gentlemanly satire. He senses that Hillary Clinton has lost.
Mr. Trump also calls out image Obama in blaming him for the violence in the Black communities.
There is an insight Mr. Trump has that apparently those behind Hillary Clinton's server break in are dead.

Donald Trump:

I want you to be very happy: Yeah goddess sing.

Telling Hillary she is fighting ISIS her entire life : Agree you're no one.

Bringing corporate money back :Sniff the lover's soul. (Tapping into his soul to save America.)

Hillary's staff taking the 5th on questioning: Will you leave goddess. (Shame should make Hillary leave.)

On Mr. Trump's taxes: You are scared (to Hillary)

On his corporation being questioned by Hillary: God has a soul

Superpredator on black youth: Damn you Barack it's your ass.

NATO is not focused on terror: There's the wisdom (Donald is brilliant.)

Good relationships with Blacks: You rave, you rave, beloved. (mocking Hillary)

On Hillary attacking Mr. Trump: Heal my throat (He had a slight cold.)

Hillary out of control: Today you lost

Allies should be paying for their defense: I give a shit.

Who broke into Hillary's server: See all the dead men

Holt literally in this reversal knows what a low down and dirty part he had in assisting Hillary Clinton in her cheating, but states at the end of the debate that Donald Trump won the debate. Holt admits that Donald Trump will be President. There is no doubt in Holt's mind.

Lester Holt
Only one person will be President: I failed us in the shallow sin (said to Hillary Clinton in Holt's and Clinton's cheating in this debate.)

Look for the reversals on the Rense site on the right hand column, under the David John Oates programs.


The Next Female Saddam Hussein Ruler for Peace in the Mideast

The machete-wielding housewife leads a band of around 70 militia in her Iraqi hometown

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is just something attractive about Wahida Mohamed as a woman. Perhaps it is her pistol. Perhaps it is her machete. Perhaps it is her 70 militia army, or perhaps for some, she cuts off the heads of the Obama regime's trained terrorists and then boils them.

Now the boiling I can understand, as when one has trophies, there is always the dilemma of do you want that sun bleached bone look or do you want a skull for your hearth which does not stink.

That is the thing which the novice is unaware of, and how this blog outed an American propagandist during the Bush years, who stated they were wearing Iraqi skull caps. Naturally anyone how knows anything about anything which was no one, knew that brains are comprised of fat, and you only get skulls by rotting  it out, or in the case of Egyptians, they stick a metal hook up the nose and snare the brain and pull it out.
Mummies always have that rotten stench to them, but they would never preserve if the guts and brains were in them. That is the trick in it all, in pull the inerds out and you got yourself a mummy which keeps thousands of years in dry climates.

The thing about Ms. Mohamed is she does not like the aged look to skulls so she boils them. See in the aged look, you get yourself a skull, put it on an ant pile and they will pick it clean. If you do not have ants, the Lord of the Flies works on a pike, and then you get lots of stink, but there is something to be said for maggots glistening in the firelight while you have a hot tea with your 70 militiamen, as the little buggers writhe about and are quite a show, providing you are up wind.......but with rotting brains, you got to be quite a ways upwind to not get that dead pig sour earthy smell.

Ms. Mohamed though is not a purist and just prefers he ISIS heads, which are in fact Kurd heads, communist Kurd heads, trained by the Obama CIA in Jordan and armed by the Obama Turks, and funded by Big Qatar and Big Saud for the Obama regime, all to siphon oil out of Iraq and Syria, for the liberal crooks which run western regimes. So her heads, are not the nice pure white of sun bleached, maggot gleaned, ant cleaned of pretty American buffalo or long horn cattle, but more like your turkey dinner in those rather offish colored bones.
Granted, I suppose hut guests of Ms. Mohamed are so WOWED over the wall of skulls, as most Muslims just have walls of dope or tobacco pipes, that they never notice in low light she is taking short cuts.
Granted again, if she displays them on her goat fence, they would notice in sunlight, but again, bones will bleach as if you take turkey wingbones off your Thanksgiving bird, and wash them up, and bag them, they will be nice and white.
 Again the problem though of, they will be rough as bones like wood, when wetted, not whetted, will expand and show rough spots, unless one polishes them down like a hunting powder horn, off of some ox or wild bovine.

As I stated, there is just something attractive about Ms. Mohamed. She is an alluring woman in proof you do not have to a fat Miss Universe to get attention, because she certainly has her male entourage and all she does is keep covered up, pull out her pistols and wave a machete around.

The only thing I am in the dark about, is there a Muslim "hints from Heloise" type writer who helps Islamic women in things about getting out blood splatter and how to keep an edge on your machete, after it is done sawing on human spine.


Um Hanadi has earned a terrifying reputation among ISIS fighter for boiling the heads of those Islamists she has killed

Editor's Note: In forensic science, there are key aspects one notes as in Rumpole's Blood Spatter. As one can deduce from the above photo, Ms. Mohamed has come across across a corpse and removed the head or someone else did for her.
Note there is not any blood splatter on the ground no a trail from the corpse laying before her. Notice the corpse does not have a blood pool.
All quite disappointing, as it proves she is a Muslim come lately, and it is really lately in the blood has congealed in the body and there is nothing to drain out.
Her holding of the head also is.......well girly. A real macho Muslim would lay hold of those ears for a good grip, but she is squeamish about even holding the hair. Granted she is quite proud of her trophy, but many Missouri trophies in road kill whitetail bucks happen in the United States this time of the year, and those posers also are quite pleased with a big rack.

Americans should be quite pleased though in knowing that by uniforms, America is arming and dressing both sides in this battle, and reports indicate that the Jews in Israel are manufacturing their flags.
Always comforting to know that American SWAT is there to assist in the cutting off of corpse heads for what we all hope is the next female Saddam Hussein to bring peace again to this land before the Obama regime imports all the head cutters and child rapists into America and Europe.

The British press are such fools in being sucked in by a story with a few heads cut off to sell it.

But despite being targeted in car bombs seven times, she has yet to be killed despite several wounds to her arms and head