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Cheong-wadae Gyoli - The Blue House Doctrine

 South Korean Presidential Mansion
The Blue House

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

What follows is a Lame Cherry policy paper examining the House of Kim of North Korea and the exploration of the failed policy of Donald Trump in his making North Korea a focal point in his Twitter rampages, based on the Vietnam era, incorrect and backwards counsel of Herbert McMaster, along with the suffering psychosis of the other generals in John Kelly as Chief of Staff and Sec of Defense, Mad Dog Mattis, in fighting a 21st century war with 20th century failed tactics.

There is nothing sly about Donald Trump. He has failed completely on North Korea. He has been feckless and his policy has failed. The worst of this was Kushner Inc. manipulating Mr. Trump to trust dictator Xi of China, for the Kushner portfolio, where Mr. Trump in beautiful chocolate cake Mar Largo heart throbs told Xi all of the American plans and Mr. Trump never realized that China with Russia have armed, supplied and advanced North Korean weapons programs to hydrogen bomb status, along with Iran. This means that Iran has hydrogen bombs which on their Shahab systems can obliterate the US presence and scorch all of Europe.
Mr. Trump was played as a fool by China, and the end result is the damning reality which must reach your bleating minds in YOU ARE NOW A DIRECT TARGET OF CHICOM HYDROGEN BOMBS in your death is eminent as Mr. President due to the absolutely inept advice of his generals has weakened America and produced a reality that the United States backed down from Peking threats.

We know this from David John Oates reverse speech quotes, from Mad Dog Mattis reveal the jeopardy Mr. Trump has led America into, because Mattis states the US military is afraid of hitting North Korea, because it will be the worst end of everyone dying in the mud in the worst type of warfare, because dictator Xi of China has threatened Donald Trump on the phone that China will bomb the United States with nuclear bombs if the United States attacks as in "shoots down North Korean missiles" first.
That is why the US has not shot down North Korean missiles as Mr. Trump brought America to the brink of nuclear war, and there is not any room to maneuver, so China now controls the situation and America is revealed the coward, as North Korea continues deployed reinforcing the message of how feckless the Americans are.

Mad Dog Mattis

We have two rails, diplomatic - And I'm afraid to kick you (Mattis is afraid of North Korea)

Important to recognize - Die in mud, the mud, mud (US policy is stuck in the mud and America will die in the military option.)

We had a small group - China will bomb. (Peking has threatened to nuke the United States.)

During President Richard Nixon's Administration, he threatened to nuke China during the Chinese Indian War, as China was trouncing the worthless Indian army. That is where the threat from China to nuke America comes from. China was humiliated and has waited 50 years to humiliate America, and Donald Trump provided the opportunity, with the counsel of Herbert McMaster, whose main goals in life are Pentagon contracts for profit of his cronies in the defense industry, and for Soros McCain globalist control over the rare earth elements in North Korea which the cartel seeks control over to wrest them from China.

That is what is behind Trump Policy on North Korea. This is what his advisors told him was the point to form all his Asia policy on, and it has been brought to now a nuclear war disaster by the Kushners and McMaster for the moneychangers and the Pentagon profiteers.

China Tells Trump To Switch From Threats To Dialogue
Kim Seeks Equilibrium Of Force With US
North Korea Will Reach It's Nuclear Force Goal - Kim
Can America Live With A Nuclear North Korea?
N Korea Releases Photos Of Latest Missile Launch

The Lame Cherry has laid out the correct policy and it was ignored by Mr. President as his Trump Trans rid itself of God and all Christian counsel. The Lame Cherry has exposed the fallacies of the patch work "fixes" that HR McMaster has stitched into Korean policy, and now the Lame Cherry explores the real subject of this post now that the foundation of understanding is written for your education, and that is The Blue House Doctrine.

Dear Leader Kim Jong Il

In January 1968 AD in the year of our Lord,  Kim Jong Il, embarked on the zenith of his war against the United States, after other invasions of the South in order to catch the foot of the Americans wherever he could to hold them in place.
The Kim dynasty of North Korea is one of rare exception, for the originator held power in North Korea after a massive war which slaughtered most of his people. His son Kim Jong Il, actually became more of  a figure than his father, and the world has not yet woken to the Lame Cherry warning that Kim Jong Un is a more proficient leader than his Grandfather and Father combined. This is the formidable opponent that Donald Trump is facing with failed Vietnam era 20th century tactics, while North Korea is fighting a 21st century war humiliating America.

As America has a White House, the South Korean President has a Blue House in one of thee most beautiful mansion and scenic views on the planet. It was in January1968 in the year of our Lord, that Kim Jong Il launched the greatest raid of the 124th Army Unit to cut off President Park's head and to assassinate every South Korean leader they could find.

The men were from the 124th Army Unit, an elite military organization charged with carrying out guerilla operations against the North’s sworn enemies to the south.
They were dressed in coveralls with South Korean military uniforms underneath and heavily-armed, each soldier carrying a submachine gun, a pistol, eight grenades and an anti-tank mine. Their missions, in the words of one the troops, was to “cut off [South Korean president] Park Chung-hee’s head and, after that, to shoot his important lieutenants to death.”

What enveloped in the Blue House Raid was the unit cut the wires to enter South Korea through the DMZ, were discovered by wood cutters, who the 124th did not kill, but instead lectured as digging graves in frozen ground was impossible as they made their way to Seoul

Several hundred yards from the Presidential Palace, they were stopped by a South Korean Police Officer who challenged them, What followed was a gun battle and days of hunting down this invasion force, who for the most part willingly killed themselves with hand grenades, rather than being captured.

Within a short time, Kim Jong Il would seize a US warship, Pueblo, kill one US seaman, and hold the rest in captivity for a year, as the CIA assessment was correct at this point in history in Kim was not going to push this for a full scale war, but this was about discomforting the United States at the height of the Cold War and Vietnam.
The USS Pueblo is still on trophy display in North Korea denouncing Yankee Imperialism.

One 124th Soldier, a Kim Shin jo was captured and questioned. He is now a Christian minister in the South, but he revealed a great deal of these Political Soldiers who were the best the North had. He fully expected to die on his mission, but the indoctrination was incorrect in they had been told the South Koreans would welcome them warmly.

Captured North Korean Special Forces Soldier Kim Shin jo

North Korea has learned from it's mistakes of 1968. It's intention to drive a wedge between South Korea and America, actually created a stronger alliance, and wasting Soldiers on suicide missions was a waste of resources.

That is where Swiss educated Kim Jong Un has been enacting very American policies with a very sinister Asian mindset, and why he has outplayed Donald Trump and his Vietnam era generals fighting the last war. What Mr. Trump has been counseled to do have been reactions to North Korea, instead of North Korea reacting to American policy.
Mr. Trump was beyond foolish in informing the Chinese of American progression, which has been simplistic, flat world and in reality known progressions which the Chinese communists have factored in and been ready for every American move.

With Peking now threatening to vaporize American interests, Donald Trump has had his JFK Bay of Pigs moment and has shrunk back, as his McMaster Vietnam codex is incapable of further movement  as McMaster as painted the United States into a corner, and China now has the nuclear room in they have walked softly and their big stick is nuclear war which China will win by, as China can lose 500 million people in a nuclear exchange and it will benefit China, while leaving America a depopulated nation, filled now with Trump Obama Muslim and Jesuit rape cock to occupy the land.

It is time to cease with mocking Kim Jong Un as stupid, as Kim Jong Un has proven he is a genius, beyond Peking in scope as Kim Jong Un has both China and Russia padding his hand as Kim Jong Un plays American Presidents like Beethoven.

Where Trump policy should have been already is where the Lame Cherry has written of, in while the Junta House in Washington DC is looking at missiles, it is logical to conclude that both China and North Korea, have been prepositioning  hydrogen bombs in Japanese, South Korean Taiwanese and American waters and lands as the Soviets did for a first strike.
It would be clever in the first waves, as logic would dictate it would be waves in atomic tsunamis or tidal waves washing ports and ships to Davy Jones locker. These would be non direct nuclear attacks, followed by direct attacks which the Chi Koreans would survive and welcome, as it would then unleash the land mines prepostioned with no doubt cobalt addition for toxicity.

These are the lessons the North Koreans learned from the Blue House Doctrine, as China and Russia now are the backing of North Korea for their interests, as Herbert McMaster has exhibited nothing visionary and only repeats the mistakes of Vietnam.

The United States is positioned now as the aggressor, as the instigator, as the feckless UN hiding behind  sanctions, as the mind of Kim Jong Un prevails upon this chessboard with supremacy. What Donald Trump has been led into by his advisers has nothing to do with American interests, but instead globalist commerce and Kushner graft. It has been corrupt and it has been invalidated as the Asians have been  waiting for the standard moves.

It is why the Lame Cherry advocated peaceful overthrow of North Korea by bribing them to debauchery, but that was confounded by the Bush43 CIA  and punted by the Obama marxists, to emerge in the one step too late Trump policy on North Korea.
Hindsight accomplishes nothing and the advocacy through strength in Japan, Taiwan, South Korea  and the Philippines armed with nuclear arsenals to check North Korea and give Russia and China major headaches on their doorsteps, now has become a reactionary weakness as these nations scramble due to Donald Trump following the advice of these inept conduits of the cartel.

The United States has been concluded as weak, and in weakened condition will be driven back further, which encourages other players to initiate degrading attacks upon America to further the Eurasians positions.

As stated, this blog is finished offering policy advice which is bastardized by the insiders and inferior once in their Godless hands. This is a policy paper exposing the history which led  to the present nuclear roulette, and how Mr. Trump's Soros McCain Clinton advisers have endangered America, and the President being Junta Kelly isolated by choice, is incapable of extricating America from danger.

There are patterns in this as certain as the 1930's to the 1990's in the same democrats in FDR and Bill Clinton brought America to diplomatic jeopardy, leaving the window open for foreign operatives to engage in Pearl Harbor and 9 11 attacks which pleased global financial interests. In noting the above, it is logical to conclude that a crippling strike will be engaged upon America due to the degrading policies from the Trump counsel of the left, as historically this is what occurs in nations weak economically, militarily and diplomatically which are over extended.

Kim Jong Un is smiling because he is winning. Donald Trump is scowling because he is being beaten, and the reason he is being beaten is due to his Orwellian advisors. Mr. Trump will soon not have to make the decisions, as events will overtake his Junta and he will be reacting to them as the Eurasians and the financial cartel have manipulated him to react.

Dear Leader Kim Jung Un with Dear Wife

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Bad Movie Review: Universal Soldier

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is not that John Claude Van Damme movies are bad. I mean Chuck Norris movies are really bad. Steven Seagall movies are really bad. Meryl Streep movies are all really bad, but the thing with JCVD is that he is like a Hostess Ho Ho, in it always looks good, but when you bite into it, it is like there is nothing there.

That is why when I was was suffering through Universal Soldier that I was floored that I was watching the second one, and there are apparently enough of these movies like pigs with tits.

I was watching the 1999 one in The Return. Apparently you got these dead soldiers that are alive, and a computer controls them. For some reason  they do not break when falling out of windows like normal human bones would. They seem to be more like vampires though in needing special measures to be rid of them.

I watched this movie and I really can not remember it. That is probably a blessing in it was so stupid.

The best I can say is you should prepare to watch this move by watching Time Cop, as Mia Sara starred in that one, and that is who I got through this movie in a mix of thinking why is not Mia Sara in this movie and I sure miss Mia Sara from Time Cop in this movie so it would not suck so horrendously.

Yes Mia Sara looking pretty, being the reporter so you cared about that role, and just gracing the movie so it would be watchable.

I see it was filmed in Texas. Would not Mia Sara look nice as a cow girl..........

I see that it cost ....or I should say only lost tens of millions of dollars, and still others future versions were made.

Box Office


$45,000,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend:

$224,000 (France) (14 July 1999)


$10,431,220 (USA) (26 September 1999)

The trivia is not even so interesting, but it is better than the movie. Again if they used Star Trek' call sign, why not have Mia Sara do a cameo.


(At around one hour and eleven minutes) During the final fight sequence between Seth and Luc, when Seth finally breaks the termination code, the first part of the code is NCC1701, the same as the numbers that are on the outside of the Enterprise, of Star Trek fame. 


(at around 43 mins) When the S.E.T.H. brain is implanted into the Super-UniSol, he gives a speech to the rest of the UniSols. During this speech he directs his soldiers to "gather raw materials, so what we may expand our numbers geometrically". Geometrically should have probably been "exponentially"
Movies used to have formulas:

Large sounds
Large colors
Mia Sara

Universal Soldier never gets over the dead Jean Claude smell...........and it is creepy when the reporter gets the hots for the corpse.

I cringe as Chuck Norris is coming up in this bad movie review series, and I am wondering how insufferable that one will be.

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Sie W├Âlfe

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was moved to share this from one of our friends as we have been posting a great deal of history recently and it is relevant to post the future of many people.

this is a very negative story, but it adds real life historical accounts to the destruction of the german people at the hands of the soviets.
only read if you are in a place to deal with such things. otherwise just discard and pretend you never received it. no reason to ruin a perfectly good day over something from long ago and erased from history.

This is about the German Genocide in what Americans engaged in as much as Russians to remove the German competition. The beauty of this is the following real experience in the details, as in moments like this all time becomes slow and the events move with such pause that the human is steeped in them forever.

The reality of warfare came as a shock. 'There was a flash and a loud bang,' she recalled. 'I fell to the floor and saw the blood-spattered bodies of my friends; some of them lay across my legs, convulsing violently with blood running from their mouths.
'Little funnels of smoke rose out of the holes in their bodies and steam from their torn stomachs.'

There is never anything pretty in death.  There is only the artistry of it as it paints itself upon the mind.

Theresa Moelle recalled being clubbed from behind by Russian soldiers. 'I came around and had been bound and gagged. Everything was a blur. I was surrounded by objects on the floor. As my vision began to clear, I could see they were the severed heads of German soldiers arranged in a circle.
'Five Russian-speaking figures stood a few yards away urinating over a poster of the Fuhrer.
'I wondered what they had done with Anneliese, and later learned they had raped and shot her. One of the bastards took great pleasure in telling me I would be next.'
Her colleague, Anita von Schoener, was brutally gang-raped by Russian soldiers.
'I could not stop them, as while one did the raping, the others held you down,' Anita said.
'I had to survive what these men were doing to me for the sake of my child, so I shut my eyes. They were like a pack of wild animals and when they had finished taking turns abusing me, I had teeth marks on my neck, breasts and my shoulders.
'The worst thing of all was that I later discovered I was pregnant again, this time with a rapist's child. I went ahead with the birth, as many German girls did.

For some reason there are only Saving Private Ryan, and never Gang Raping Neta, as the Ashkenaz media still profits off the holocaust, but that profit would ebb with the cinema of what was carried out in Americans blowing German children to bits and Russians raping their remains.

You are looking at your future in the past, and you are not aware as all of the Tweets and all of the sanctions never allow you to realize that war does come to the West as it always has.
The fortunate will gasp and drown on their own blood as the light of their eyes dries and the sign of death comes to their blank stare and in hours passersby will look upon the white opaque of those eyes, before in time the entire form turns black.

The less fortunate will be spectators of Hiroshima of being radiation cooked, the bleeding, and rotting as all turns black, and scent of it all of a dead city which one can scent for miles.

As this is typed on July 29th, one wonders what the future knows, but it will all be revealed, for Americans voted for peace in 2016, and Germans never voted for the above and yet the artistry found them in their most intimate places.

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Monday, September 18, 2017

How Donald Trump Could Have Saved His Presidency

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry is posting something in hindsight, now that you have all learned what a disaster Donald Trump is without Christian counsel and advice. When I explain this to you about the correct policy concerning Obamacare, you are going to be wide eyed again in how simple all of this would have been, and how President Trump would be hailed as the greatest uniter and the greatest President in the making since Ronald Reagan.

This is brought about by the endless low brow diatribes by these paid shills as Steven Colbert, and the leftist stage actors, whoare detriments to the Democrats, and intellectuals like Dr. Cornell West and Tavis Smiley, because they reveal in their non policy based smears what complete mental midgets they are.

The Lame Cherry posts a great deal of fixes for the Trump Junta, but it does not post all of the policies, because the Lame Cherry is fed up with bunglers in the Trump Junta, and the real policy advances would have only come if Christians had been placed in key advisory roles or even if I had been thanked for rewriting the time line which put Mr. President into 1600 Penn Avenue.

This is what Donald Trump should have done on domestic policy  and when implemented with peaceful Russian policy would have had everyone in awe, instead of the base shattered by design and the world facing McMaster nuclear genocide.

What the President should have done is this:

He should have phoned Bill Clinton up and invited him to the Oval Office and informed him of this -

Mr. President, you started health care with Hillarycare, and it was bastardized by that amateur Barack Hussein Obama, ignoring Rahm Emanuel's advice and laying the blame on all democrats. Obamacare is a disaster as you have said. I offer you as President your opportunity to write your legacy as great as Richard Nixon rewrote his.
I propose a Clinton Medical Emancipation Act, and in it, I require these absolutes.

1. No mandate ever.
2. No fines nor penalties ever.
3. We take the Obama centralized gratuities to his cronies, and turn the money over to the states.

We work out the rest of the details according to assisting in care for the poor, those with chronic conditions, and manage it as Medicare and Medicaid.

You don't screw me over on the Clinton Medical Emancipation Act, and I will let you write your legacy for you on foreign policy, to make your place in history, when we complete Mideast Peace.

When  I sign the Clinton Emancipation Act, you will be at my right hand, and having brought along democrats, it will be your name on healthcare, and not Barack Obama's.
I am not going to put up with Hillary 2020 or any politics in this. We can get this done and if it goes down in flames it is both of us, and you have your legacy of Monica as the thing people remember.

Bill Clinton would agree to this, because the one thing William Jefferson Blythe Clinton loves more than anything is sticking it someone, and this would stick it to Obama, wipe Obama from the history books, and make Bill Clinton the first Black President and Messiah to the world.

By including President Clinton, Mr. Trump would have neutralized democrats and most importantly, neutralized those facists in Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. There would have been a new Trump coalition as Ronald Reagan had one with democrats during his terms in office.
By doing this, President Trump would have neutralized that harping Hillary Clinton in her endless parade of blaming the world for no one voting for her.
By doing this, that entire hate filled Obama crowd from Steven Colbert to NFL protestors to Antifa and BLM would have had the rug pulled out from under them, as the Clintons would be representing these people's interests by President Trump graciously including Bill Clinton in his inner circle.
By doing this, Bill Clinton would stick it to Jimmy Carter, and become the greatest living democratic President, in exposing what failures Carter and Obama are.

It was all so very simple, and if I had simply been included or Christians had been included, this would have been the policy God would have provided for Mr. President, and everything would have been so easy for Mr. President.

Instead Mr. President agreed to betraying Americans, with those who deliberately derailed and sabotaged what people voted for in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord. This is why by the Holy Ghost this solution is posted now, to expose what complete asstards Trump Trans was and what wretches these traitors are.

If Christ had been in this White House, Donald Trump would have had so much momentum, that there would never have been a Robert Mueller to witch hunt Mr. President to blackmail. There never would have been a beautiful chocolate Kushner cake having Mr. President tell that Chicom dictator all he was going to do over North Korea, so the Chicoms could now be threatening the United States with a nuclear strike.

It is the God things which matter, and in this post, God has made fools out of all of the above in exposing them for how flat brain they all are as there is not any Holy Ghost Inspiration in the White House.

Everything this blog warned of is come to pass, and events upon events are going to overtake this Junta at 1600 Penn Avenue for the fools they are.

Children always think they can grab the reigns and do the adult driving, never realizing that God has the adults making things easy for their victory, which they have profained by denying God His Glory and His Honor.

The Lame Cherry by God's Grace now having exposed the fools, leaves each of you with the solace of what could have been, as it would have all been so easy with Christ counsel, as you know how failed it all has been in denying Christ in Kushner House. Comfort yourselves that you my children had no part in this Christ denial and that you are in right standing with the Lord. Comfort yourselves in you are not these Peter's jumping out of the boat in thinking you can walk on water and being swept up by the storm.

Is it not amazing that a six figure salary to La'me Cherry would have been so very cheap, compared to a failed Trump Presidency and costing Americans trillions of dollars and how many war dead will it be, before this is all over.

When Bill Clinton got into trouble his first year, he called President Richard Nixon and President Gerald Ford, who saved his presidency. When Donald Trump got into trouble, he did not have the advice or sense to reach out to Bill Clinton to save him, instead he clung to the children Ivanka and Jared, and the skinhead Herbert McMaster.

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The United States Presidency Has Been Violated

The Season has arisen for the Supreme Court to oversee Robert Mueller


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The following is a matter of the United States Presidency, which is of Democrat and Republican, for questions have arisen in the President and his staff leading America in this nuclear jeopadous times, that the White House Staff believes that certain people are wearing wires to record their conversations for Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Tension between the two comes as life in the White House is shadowed by the investigation. Not only do Mr. Trump, Mr. Kushner and Mr. McGahn all have lawyers, but so do other senior officials. The uncertainty has grown to the point that White House officials privately express fear that colleagues may be wearing a wire to surreptitiously record conversations for Mr. Mueller.

This is a criminal act which Robert Mueller has been engaged in, because if the Russians were leveraging people in the White House to wear wires it would be espionage.
There are certain sensitivities even in law enforcement, in there are boundaries which can not be crossed. No one can wire someone working at the NSA, due to the secret information involved there. The same is true with the Pentagon, FBI and Homeland. There simply are boundaries which can not be crossed for the security of the nation, and for the necessary leadership of a nation.

Ken  Starr when investigating Bill Clinton, did not wire people as that was beyond the bounds of legal investigation of the President, as it would be entrapment and accessing secure conversations on a number of subjects.

There are realities in the Mueller witch hunt, in he has Jared Kushner and others cooperating. Someone in Kushner's staff leaked smearing emails on Donald Trump jr. to assist Mr. Mueller in  what appears to be a quid pro quo in cooperation. There is a sanctity in the White House which can not be violated.
We have witnessed far too many corrupt protections in the Clinton and Obama White Houses of lying to diaries and cover ups in Benghazi, but those individuals were involved in protecting the President which is a necessity. Mr. Trump apparently has nothing but John McCain songbirds reporting back to Robert Mueller and now wearing wires, as people are having conversations which others are apparently attempting to lead them, and the warning lights are going off.

It is at this time that the White House MUST convene a 3 Judge Panel, to solicit a review of everything Robert Mueller has been engaged in, as a right of discovery to protect the Office of the President. These Justices should be from the Supreme Court, and include Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas and Stephen Breyer to oversee this investigation to ascertain who has been given immunity, who is a cooperating witness, and if people are wearing recording devices inside the White House.

If any of this proves to be founded, Robert Mueller has gone beyond a witch hunt to the a zealotry that is treason as no one has the right to put listening devices into the White House or coercer people in the White House to inform of the Staff there.
If Robert Mueller has engaged in this, he and every investigator involved must be arrested on espionage as this is not an investigation any longer with any respect to the rule of law, and Assistant Attorney Rob Rosenstein must be fired as he has been involved in an investigation which has been criminal.

It is time for the Supreme Court in it's Constitutional Authority to become involved as Attorney General Jeff Sessions is fiddling as DC burns by Mueller's torch jamming into every corner to set it ablaze. There must be checks and balances as there are not any checks on Robert Mueller and there is not any balance in this investigation as it has become one of espionage.

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America is a Republic if you can keep it

You trusting children, you have had your nation stolen from you.
Here, let Poor Richard instruct you how to take it back.


 This is a stand alone post due to the importance of the working paper.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive matter anti matter.

This is written out of compassion as I know that most of the Trump voters are deeply upset at this juncture of the junta and feeling like most of the right wing was under being lied to by Bush fam during their control of the White House and Congress when nothing was done, and they way most of the Blacks and Jews were feeling when Barack Hussein Obama used their votes and cast them aside.

This is from the Holy Ghost and I give God all credit for the Inspiration, as you have to remember that you must never act out in ways which will get you into trouble, but always put your energies into something positive which is legal.
What the Lame Cherry is going to lay out for you is a political operation, each of you can be involved in, and all it requires is your talking about it and supporting it. I will simply tell you that the answer is not a 3rd Party as that minder Ann Coulter has been harping on again from her sodomite faction, as that is exactly what liberal Webster Tarpley stated was the cartel's plan from the start to turn the GOP into a fractured 3rd party, then split the democrat party into a socialist Hillary, now Trumpian party and a communist Bernie Sanders party, where Americans would never have a vote again for the Constitution.

I do not want to cloud your minds with a grande thought so you stop listening, but you need a foundation to understand what this is entirely based on, and what you are working for from this moment on is to deny Donald Trump the re nomination of the Republican Party.

Before you give in to scoffing about this, remember it was the Lame Cherry who first by God's Grace rewrote the time line which put Donald Trump into 1600 Penn Avenue. What this white paper is assembling is the creation and uniting of a coalition which will MAGA, Make America Great Again, because what you are about to create is not a candidate who lies to you in promising something they came to politically to use you, but you are going to create a candidate who is Reagan who lives and breathes MAGA.

Here is the process over the next 3 years.

The Lame Cherry advocates that America be in the Republican base, be divided up into 10 regions of 5 states each, in which those regions will focus on electing at least one Senator and 5 Congresspeople. That means 10 Conservative Christians in the Senate and 50 Conservative Christians in the House in 2018 AD in the year of our Lord midterm elections.

You will say this has been tried before, but it has not, because what the Lame Cherry's white paper states is that we NATIONALIZE our election base and candidates in the same way Newt Gingrich nationalized the Contract with America, which defeated democrats in Congress during Bill Clinton's tenure at the White House.
We do not need to create a platform, as we already have it in MAGA. We do not need to go out looking for people, because numbers are already assembled from the 2016 election, who were cast aside by the Trump Trans.
The organism is there. It only needs to be groomed and focused upon, to bring about this key step of the foundation of what you are working for in 2020 AD in the year of our Lord.

I am going to drop another name now for you to focus on as we do have loyalists in Congress, and Representative Louis Gohmert of Texas is already in Congress and is someone who should be recruited to this operation as a focal point, because in being from Texas, which is Southern and Western, he is a logical choice to be President of the United States to gain the GOP primary in 2020, after the foundation of 2018 AD in the year of our Lord is established.

It is established by the Lame Cherry that a new coalition will be formed and a suggested nominee for Vice President will be the well honed Tavis Smiley, American, Mississippi born, Indiana educated, California established, to round out the Eastern and Southern balance of the Gohmert Western Midwestern union.
Mr. Smiley is a prototype of the Vice Presidential candidate, in he first asked Obama the hard questions, and has the links to the very people that Donald Trump spoke to and the Obama regime discarded.
There is not going to be any more token Omarosa Manigault sidelined by Junta Kelly. The democratic minority position will be represented  in Jewish, Black and Latin.

More names dropped, as national chairman of this, Dick Morris should be established as the executive officer in forming message for this coalition. Corey Lewandowski should be established as the executive officer coordinating the election process. David Lane should be established as the get out the Christian Conservative vote in bringing this election from the pulpits, as 50 million Christians did not vote in the last election, and it is time that bolt was unleashed from God's grapes of ballots to cluster upon the candidates of our making, choosing and who will be Ronald Reagan faithful to MAGA.

In review, you now have your executive board of proven people from the right. You have your regions. You will have your candidates that you will all rally around and support with fervor to get them elected, and once this is established, it will grow, as the cartel will understand this is a force to be disorganized and infiltrated as the Tea Party was.

Next step, we need volume. This means Farris and Wilkes who are billionaires from Texas who promoted Ted Cruz, and it means the Mercers, Robert and Dame Edna, because with their funding they are going to build a hybrid Twitter for this movement, which will host web videos for the campaigns, which will not be shut down, banned nor censored once the campaigns begin.
This does not need to be accomplished immediately as the video depositories can be housed on Youtube and Google, for 2018 AD in the year of our Lord, until they are shut down, but this is the media platform to communicate to 120 million American voters who own their own candidates representing them.

Once the Republican base has this kind of power, will be the time that scandals will be unleashed as in the Tea Party, and if that does not work, then it will be the time that Mr. President suddenly becomes MAGA again, along with the frauds in Congress, who will hand out crumbs and promises of power as they have seen the light. That will have to be rejected completely, as there is one course and that is your attaining the Republican nomination, then the White House, and then in the 2020 national election installing 25 Conservative Christian Senators and 100 Conservative Christian House members.

In 2019 AD in the year of our Lord, delegate voting blocks will established for the Republican Convention with the understood mandate that Louis Gohmert will be the nominee of the 2020 Convention.
This will not be that difficult as the #NeverTrumpers of the establishment will not stand in the way of the political payback.

Those who scoff will then say that will not be enough to accomplish anything. Ye of little Inspiration read on, because this is a 2020 National Platform and we are going to be telling the People exactly what actions they will be voting for and it includes two provisions for the GOP nominee:

Provision 1: The United States President in order to protect and defend the People, the Nation and the Constitution by suspending certain covers which the coup plotters have hidden behind, as in Abraham Lincoln's suspension of Habeas Corpus in the last plotted American Civil War, by recognizing America is in a Civil War.
American law will no longer be used to criminalize Americans nor protect coup plotters.
President Gohmert will declare that the 60 million gun owners will appear at his Inauguration with Vice President Smiley, with full military and police protection, including housing and food, whereby they will stay in Washington DC, until the entire MAGA Mandate is passed in the first week as Congress will not leave the US Capitol until the entire legislation is passed.

Provision 2:  It will be fully understood, that the Senators and Representatives elected by the 10 regions will be placed in the Gohmert Smiley cabinet, speaking with one united voice for the people to make MAGA a reality from the Streets of Chicago to the wastes of Nevada.
There will not be any surprises. Agriculture areas will have their Sec. of Agriculture. Defense areas will have the Secretary of Defense. Education States will have the Secretary of Education.

This is the uniting clause in this, the glue, the contract which binds all 10 regions together. Everyone is assured a piece of the power to represent their interests in the White House. Everyone has a purpose driven reason to become engaged, to get out and vote, and to appeal to democrats. No one is going to be forgotten. No one is going to be screwed over. No one is going to be betrayed. For 3 years, Americans are going to know where this is going, who is going where, and where the 2020 vote is taking America. It is a national consensus, which bars none, but it certainly does not penalize Americans while rewarding special interests whether it is Goldman Sachs or Carbon Tax.

This is not the written in stone document. This is a white paper working profile. Some people will not care to be involved and some will shrink from the cause, as they will be putting their necks on the line as the MAGA voters did in 2016.
This is meant to give the public a positive direction to stop rioting, and start a working process of 3 years to take Government back. There will not be any surprises in this. Nothing will change once the platform is established.

No one in 2016 who were Americans voted for stealing another 3 trillion dollars in 2017 from Americans for the corporate elites Obama established in not remedying Obamcare, not providing  tax cuts and not passing a jobs bill. No one voted for slapping Russia around or starting a nuclear war in Asia. No one voted for Paris Accords and no one voted for globalist G 20 poverty deals where Americans  would be paying for Indonesians to sit at home, while 95 million Americans were not employed.

Nothing is going to be accomplished following the Soros rent a rioters. Nothing is going to be accomplished being mad at Pelosi and Schumer for betraying the left. Nothing is going to be accomplished being upset at Mr. President. Because what all of this is, is the Corporate / State wedlock, where the Corporate buys candidates, installs them, then the politicians plunder the Treasury to funnel money by state programs of defense or welfare spending forcing Americans to buy only things for their rationed death in that money only goes to fund the corporations, as thee entire process is protected by the police state, making you a criminal for not liking being a bleating animal.

I do not know if there will be an America left for 2020 or if only charred pieces will remain to escape with. I do know that no one else has provided all Americans a working paper of a direction which is legal and positive, to keep their despondency from getting them to quit or act out to their own harm.
The system does not work. Under Obama it betrayed liberals and under Trump is betrayed Conservatives as the system protects itself and is bringing the extermination of the American stereotype.

This white paper is designed to get you thinking and talking. To have you pondering in making the working paper better. To attract the people who this appeals to.
So you understand this, this breaks down to numbers which are workable. The GOP Convention only had 2472 delegates. It is posted that the goal is 125 members of Congress, plus a representative candidate as Mr, Smiley, that is only 2598 Americans to take America back. Donald Trump pulled this off with far fewer numbers than that.

The organization is there. The base is there. The coalition is there. The funding is there, and it has all been betrayed by Trump Trans, and all that needs to be done is gathering it in, giving it a purpose and direction and you will get your Government back as you voted for it, because you will already know who you voted for.
Put this majority in motion, give it voice, give it purpose, and it will not be withstood.

The answer is not where this cartel is attempting to lead you in destroying your democratic or republican parties by making them 3rd tier. The answer is not in making Republicans into Trump liberals nor in making Pelosi Democrats into 3rd world slaves.
The mechanism is there. It simply must be organized, given direction and set in motion as Joel Skoursen stated and everyone from Karl Rove to David  Axelrod knows, as they manipulated the system for their fraud.

By God's Grace I have done my part, again.

America is a coalition of the willing, not a coalition of the coerced.

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

America's Nuclear War Comedy Special

....and then I said, Mr. President if you rub my magic balls
nuclear flames shoot out of my butt!!!

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

We know this to be true, because Herbert McMaster has pronounced that American security policy is better off without Americans.

“The administration is better off when we can serve the president by integrating and coordinating across all of our departments and agencies … and present the president with multiple options,” McMaster also said Sunday. “What’s important is to have an inclusive process … not to try to advance your own agenda.”

The National Security Council, I think, has served the president well in bringing him multiple options. There were some who tried to operate outside of that process for their own narrow agendas. And that didn’t serve the president well,” McMaster told “Fox News Sunday,” in response to questions about his policy clashes with Bannon.

This is the outcome of the advice of Herbert McMaster to Mr. President.

Heavy armor pouring into Poland for a conventional war in Europe with Russia, for America to have to resort to nuclear arms to attempt to win.

Venezuela in meltdown with more Latin slaves pouring into America in invasion.

Africa a festering Muslim terror zone.

The Mideast an entire nuclear trigger point from Syria with Russia to Iran now having hydrogen bombs.

North Korea a hydrogen bomb nation due to McMaster advice

China now threatening to nuke America to protect North Korea.

Human invasion bombs and nuclear bombs are the direct outcome of the counsel of Herbert McMaster and Dina Powell. There could not have been a worse outcome in 8 months. The above policies project to certain states promoting nuclear terrorism against America to gain an advantage in this incompetent policy for American security.

It is even worse now that Mr. President has resorted to the Ivanka tactic of mocking those she does not like as Herbert McMaster laughs at the Trump comedy routine.
Calling a hydrogen nuclear warhead Kim Jong Un names in mocking him, is nonconstructive and does not assist the process.

Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster chuckled about President Trump's new nickname "Rocket Man" for North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un

Perhaps when nuclear terrorism begins, Herbert McMaster will realize that Steve Bannon and Americans were not the enemy, but I doubt he will stop laughing as 4 nations pointing hydrogen bombs at Americans cities as he is having so much scorched earth fun.

...I can launch tampons out of my twat like
Kim Jong Un launches nukes at America!!!

This group is discussing nuclear war and buying time with your bodies.

General Milley expressed his only concern over World War III by citing the U.S. Army’s “lack of resources and training to execute America’s national security strategy without high military risk.” Admiral Richardson agreed with Milley, but his level of confidence in the U.S. Navy’s dominance seemed somehow higher. Milley told committee:
“I concur with Gen. Milley. If we get into one of those conflicts, we’ll win, but it going to take a lot longer than we’d like and it’s going to cost a lot more in terms of dollars and in casualties.”

Are you laughing like Herbert McMaster at this President's jokes?