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President Trump cucked by the Cuckservatives on Obamacare 2.0

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For those who doubt the collusion and the coup being instigated against President Donald Trump, there is no more certain reality that on Friday, Mike Pence was  supposed to be in Arkansas conducting  a "listening session" on Obamacare 2.0, but abruptly cancelled it IN THE  MORNING, and ventured on to the NCAA championship  game between North Carolina and Butler, which is his wife's alma mater.

Vice President Mike Pence's Little Rock visit canceled

Vice President Mike Pence's visit to Little Rock has ... Pence's Little Rock visit... Arkansas man ... visit Little Rock today, tout health care ...

 This article was published today at 9:52 a.m.
 The party official said he didn't know why the visit had been canceled and that no other information was available at this time.

Now why would Mike Pence cancel a necessary meeting in the morning unless his best friend Paul Ryan informed him that the vote would be cancelled? A meeting cancelled already before 10 o'clock and President Donald Trump was still working until mid afternoon on Obamacare 2.0.

Now for the question of what was Donald Trump doing all morning and in the afternoon?

The President was holding meetings in his full schedule and making calls to Congressmen to get them to vote for Obamacare 2.0.

A Brave Front, but Regrets? On Health Bill, Trump Has a Few

Credit Doug Mills/The New York Times ... To Mr. Trump and his team, the health care repeal ... the bill was a mistake to support. Yet Mr. Trump wants to ...

In the midafternoon, a beaming Mr. Trump climbed into the rig of a black tractor-trailer, which had been driven to the White House for an event with trucking industry executives, honking the horn and posing for a series of tough-guy photos — one with his fists held aloft, another staring straight ahead, hands gripping the large wheel, his face compressed into an excited scream.
At a meeting inside shortly afterward, Mr. Trump announced that he was pressed for time and needed to go make calls for more votes.
A reporter informed him that the vote had already been called off.

The problem in this scenario though is REPORTERS HAD TO INFORM THE PRESIDENT that the vote was cancelled. Yes President Trump was at a meeting and reporters were there, and he tried to excuse himself to make more phone calls to Congressmen, but the reporters were the first to inform him that Paul Ryan had cancelled  the vote.

Let the Lame Cherry point something out in this if you are missing it:

Paul Ryan did not first inform the President.
None of the Congressional leadership informed the President.
Reince Priebus did not inform the President.
Katie Walsh did not inform the President.
Mike Pence did  not inform the President.

I will repeat this that Paul Ryan informed Mike Pence in the morning that there was not going to be vote, and Vice President Pence allowed the President to weary himself all day over nothing, and Paul Ryan did not inform the President, and both of them humiliated President Trump in not bothering to inform the President that the vote had been called out.

Yes the President had to hear it from fake news as his allies in Obamacare 2.0 did not think the President of the United States deserved to be included on the inner scheme.

President Donald Trump was kept completely in the dark on this by the #NeverTrumpers and his Kushner duo did absolutely nothing to warn the President nor to ferret out this scheme, so Mr. Trump was cucked by the Cuckservative traitors in his own GOPe.

Nuff Said


My Father's Eyes and Ears

Trumpenfurher Ivanka Kushner

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Speaking for everyone inside and outside the White House, who is an American, and not a Trump coup plotter, that each of us will admit that we utterly love having the boss' child watching us and listening to us when we are trying to do a job which will be leaked to the press to destroy us and imprison us on, because it is every employee's dream to be spied on by leftist daughter of Donald  Trump, whose lawyer is the Clinton's hatchet wench who kept the CIA and FBI from talking to each other, so 9 11 happened, and the kid can not stop crawling into the political bed of the fatherly globalist HW Bush and the brotherly communist Justin Trudeau of Canada.
Yes the White House West Wing is sure to be thee most sedate place to try and make America great again, as Ivanka glares at you for trying to displace her hating little boy positions in policy and glowers at you for not agreeing that everything she says should be answered with YES COMRADE.

Such is the life of Trumpenfurher Ivanka Kushner, holder of the West Wing, awardee of the First Ladyship and sometimes pimped by her Shylock inlaws to Chicoms for 400 million dollar loans in insider trading, so the President can be conned into meeting with the President of China at Mar a Lago.

Let us review the work of the Trumpenfurher.

She got rid of Corey Lewandowski. She then got rid of Paul Manafort when she could not control him. Then she created an alliance with Mike Pence and Reince Priebus to oust Chris Christie.
Then there was getting rid of Mike Flynn as he was getting in the way of Ivanka lobe time with Daddy.

Which created the following Trump Administration disasters of Obamcare 2.0.

Mike Pence: Disaster

Reince Priebus: Disaster

Katie Walsh: Disaster

Paul Ryan: Disaster

Yes let us not forget that perhaps if the Trumpenfurher had not been dominating Daddy's ear, that the President might have figured out that he was being played by Pence and Ryan on Obamacare, but it was far too important for Ivanka to get her little girl money to promote little girls over little boys, and to bring in James Baker to try and con Daddy into accepting Carbon Taxes in breaking his word against Trump supporters.

Interestingly, Ivanka will not be collecting a salary, Gorelick has said. Instead, she will merely be serving as Trump’s “eyes and ears”. And for Ivanka and those closer to her, this is simply how she was worked with her father in business for years now. “I will continue to offer my father my candid advice and counsel, as I have for my entire life,” she said in a statement. “While there is no modern precedent for an adult child of the president, I will voluntarily follow all of the ethics rules placed on government employees.”

So with NEPOTISM charges now pending against President Trump, after Ivanka divulges to Jamie Gorelick insider information more and more in White House leaks, which are fed to Hillary Clinton and image Obama to the ruin of President Trump, we now know that the West Wing is filled with the gauleiter group of Ivanka Kushner in her two proteges of the Egyptian Powell and the Jew Cohn which will make life hell there for the Trump people trying to do their job, as the Trumpenfurher's power grows and grows in a non oversight and non sworn in position of Chief Spy of the Trump White House.

Nom de Deus, Mr. President, you do not have anyone around you who is looking out for you, and telling you what criminal and horrendous ideas you have been convinced of, as your inner Trump Trans circles are all circle jerking to each other, and that is why you keep having horrid stops and starts each week.

If you want a spy in the White House, hire that needy Roger Stone. Respectfully Mr. Trump, remove your daughter as she has more enemies as her friends than Hillary Clinton, and if you need to be informed Mr.  President, the reason every Clinton Bush and Obama spy goes to the Kushner's is because they are the weak link and always have been in getting them to manipulate you.

This is going to be a disaster as it can not be any other way.

Heil Trumpenfurher!!!


Ivanka's Digs

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As none of us are ever going to get invited to Jared and Ivanka Kirschner's DC Mansion, worth 5.5 million dollars in the Podesta Obama neighborhood, the MSM put some pictures up and as I love house hunting and architecture, the best photos are shown here, so you can see the world Ivanka Trump sees from her office, her bathroom, her patio, backyard, balcony and whatever in this Mount Vernon type colonial home.

We begin the journey beyond the foyer as foyers are boring entryways. You will notice that this house is white, as in white like your dog's mud would show up forever and normal people can not live this way, unless they have a maid who dies trying to keep a place like this clean.

The living room is decorated ugly grey/puce and needs a great deal of heat and color to warm it up.

This is the dining room. It looks like a long haul functioning as a boardroom.

This is some kind of looky loo room on the corner. Once again white, makes me think of freezing my ass off and the view is DC rich, another cold view.

This is the kitchen and kitchen table. I suppose the au pair maid works here as the Kurschner's children are not old enough to cook for them yet in their being at the White House as liberal fixtures. I do like the satan awful stairs though as they are scary looking like they could kill you.
Dire need there of child proofing them with pet gates as children have a gravitational need to plunging down steps.
I do not like the glass barriers, as I know I would bruise myself on them, and kids would fingerprint and our Puntz would forever be licking that cool glass.

This is Ivanka's crapper. Why rich folk want to be put on display while shaving their legs and sudsing up the nethers is not my taste. I also do not want big ass windows showing my shadow or a seat in my crapper to sit on as I preen.

This would be Ivanka's office where she plots carbon taxes with Mike Pence and Bush fam. Probably takes her New York calls here to apologize for her father's American policies, which are what built this mansion in the first place back in the day.

This is the back of the house. Ugly as sin and absolutely nothing redemptive about it.

 They call this the patio. There appear to be two of these sitting areas. Again rich people things, because outside stuff like this rots, is covered with bird shit, dirt, leaves and cat shit or is wet, as the ticks jump on you from the trees. Great ideas if you got people hired to take care of all of these accoutrements.

Lastly, this is the view that Ivanka has in ruling the world. I just know children would decide it would be a great idea to jump off the balcony into the tree, until they almost kill themselves. I would hack that foliage down so I could see and burn it up in the gas fired fireplace to soot things up.

Well now you know what Ivanka Trump sleeps in and eats in, and entertains Rupert Murdoch's Chinese spy ex wife's visits at. I do not know if Ivanka gets to change things as the mansion came this way, but all that damned white is just not for a normal family coming in from doing chores, the dog splashing his dirty ass tail over everything and having to make it all clean looking.

It simply is not homey like George and Martha Washington at Mount Vernon. Mrs. Washington did a wonderful job in making that place warm and cozy.

I would never build anything like this nor reside in something like that. That window corner has one hell of a beam on it to hold up the house as the windows sure as hell are not.
It looks secure enough with Secret Service in machine guns and the front is like a fortress, so I like that part. I just am more of a Melania type girl. No I do not mean Donald's gold plated everything, but Melania just fills a room with things so it seems organized clutter which makes people feel good. She has great color schemes too in decorating.

One day God will move some rich people to donate and we will get our land, and then I will build our home as the design has been in my head for some time. It will not take long for things to fill up at least in my spaces as I like things like that. Mom's place is kind of like pathways in so much stuff, and Puntz simply loves the places to hide.

Ivanka needs some wood wainscoting to give some definition to those rooms, but I doubt she can do a great deal about a rental. I just think a 5.5 million dollar home should have more of something in it. At least something like niggerboy horse fixtures you could tie your pony to.

 Feel bad about that, as a house here in town had two of them on their steps and they finally took them down. They were quite the accent on a red brick house.

Maybe Ivanka can invite Lurch and the image over in red jackets and white pants to be sort of a living display.


CHERRYSTONE FILES: The Black Op Against President Trump

Sec. of State John Kerry and Home Office Sec. Theresa May


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

What you are about to read is the proof of  "Russian Hacking" and how it infected the American political body, like a bad British syphilis cock shot. As the Lame Cherry has told you from the start of this, this was an MI6 operational coup against the United States.

All of this goes back to the Neocon Kagans, the Obama regime, John McCain and the Nazi's of Ukraine, in the retaliation against Vladimir Putin for saving Russia from oil lootings, and the coup against President Putin.

Where this takes place is the British GCHQ, the massive NSA type illegal spying on Americans, the Germans and the world, in perfecting a device which could "photograph" light fiber optic transmissions of phone and high speed data in undersea cables linking America to Europe.
It was in this illegal surveillance that the British spying on the Russians in looking for dirt on Vladimir Putin, first locked onto the American Citizen, Donald Trump and Trump Tower.

The first "briefings" to the Americans to the "British way of thinking" was in 2015. The architect of this would be Home Secretary (Minister of Homeland Security) Theresa May, who, had been spying on Donald Trump for years, along with the Bush administration to clear out the way for Jeb Bush.

The New York Times, citing “two people familiar with the conclusions” of the report, said British intelligence was “among the first” to raise the alarm in autumn 2015 that Moscow had hacked the computer servers of the Democratic National Committee.
The UK’s role suggests that the compromise of email exchanges among senior Democrats was spotted when voice intercepts, computer traffic or agents picked up content of the emails flowing towards Moscow.
Over the course the campaign, British officials were as alarmed as their US counterparts over the extent of contacts between Trump advisers and Moscow and by Trump’s consistently pro-Russian stance on a range of foreign policy issues.
However, those officials now say they are in a difficult position since the election, as Theresa May’s government is striving to solidify ties with the incoming Trump administration, in part to counter-balance the UK’s accelerating drift from Europe

Yes almost from the first year of Obama's cuddling David Cameron, Theresa May was running British intelligence and security and it appears that the two greatest enemies for Britain to be made war against were Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.

Home Secretary

In office
12 May 2010 – 13 July 2016
Prime Minister David Cameron
Preceded by Alan Johnson
Succeeded by Amber Rudd

 On 12 May 2010, when May was appointed Home Secretary and Minister for Women and Equality by Prime Minister David Cameron as part of his first Cabinet, she became the fourth woman to hold one of the British Great Offices of State, after (in order of seniority) Margaret Thatcher (Prime Minister), Margaret Beckett (Foreign Secretary) and Jacqui Smith (Home Secretary). As Home Secretary, May was also a member of the National Security Council.] She is the longest-serving Home Secretary for over 60 years,

Yes Theresa May the longest serving Home Secretary in a generation, until Brexit appeared, and being anti Brexit, only the Queen would allow Ms. May to form a government, as all of the Conservative British Nationals were pushed aside, as in Trump ally, Nigel Farage.

In one of the first offerings Theresa May sacrificed was John Kerry, in slapping him down, in favor of Trump supporter. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a favorite of Trump's Jewish mafia son in law, Jared Kushner.
Kerry attacked Israel and for that Kerry the conduit of British Intelligence to democrats in Congress was swept aside to gain favor with President Trump, because what the British were driving hardest for was the war between America and Russia, which would lay Europe scorched earth, and allow the Isle to rule Europe again as it did at Waterloo.

Theresa May has distanced the UK from Washington over John Kerry’s condemnation of Israel, in comments that appear to be designed to build bridges with the incoming Trump administration.
Kerry, the outgoing secretary of state, delivered a robust speech this week that criticised Benjamin Netanyahu’s government as the “most rightwing coalition in Israeli history” and warned that the rapid expansion of settlements in the occupied territories meant that “the status quo is leading toward one state and perpetual occupation”.

“We do not believe that it is appropriate to attack the composition of the democratically elected government of an ally,” he said. “The government believes that negotiations will only succeed when they are conducted between the two parties, supported by the international community.”

But what was the "report" that the British were briefing image Obama and John Kerry on? Why it was the Russian position in having peace with Western Europe and the United States. It was a simple plan based upon Vladimir Putin's mutual friendship with Italy's leader Silvio Berlusconi, and to build upon the sound relationship with the Germans of Gerhard Schroeder.

In the worst of this to the British and American Neocons was Vladmir Putin's desire for Russia and America to make war on terrorism in the Mideast and defeat it.
This may sound noble, but when one understands that Obama Carter advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski created militant Islam as a weapon against Russia to destroy her, and that John McCain was working with British Intelligence in Ukraine utilizing the Nazi's there as a war front against Moscow, one can comprehend how the Obama Bush Clinton World Order having it's terrorists removed, would lose all of the photo ops that John McCain and Lindsey Graham were posing with terrorists around the globe.

The report said Putin developed a preference for Trump because of “many positive experiences working with Western political leaders whose business interests made them more disposed to deal with Russia, such as former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi and former German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder”.
Another motive, according to the report, was that a Trump victory was seen “as a way to achieve an international counterterrorism coalition against the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)”.

This "report" was based upon all of the illegal spying on Americans, in Trump Tower, and the desperate fear that America and Russia would reach peace. It had two versions, in the Obama top secret version which Mr. Trump was shown, and the other sanitized version which everyone was laughing at, which included the MI6 Christopher Steele and  Theresa May, Pissgate dossier which has been proven to be an absolute fraud.

A classified version has been prepared for Congress, and a top secret version has been shown to Barack Obama, Trump and a few other officials with high-level clearance.

What the world is witnessing is the Kagan Neocons as the underfootings of this entire Trump coup, being prosecuted by image Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bush family.
This is where all of this propaganda is arising from and being coordinated from.

Yet, the so-called “#Resistance” to Trump’s presidency and President Obama’s unprecedented use of his intelligence agencies to paint Trump as a Russian “Manchurian candidate” gave new hope to the neocons and their agenda.
It has taken them a few months to reorganize and regroup but they now see hope in pressuring Trump so hard regarding Russia that he will have little choice but to buy into their belligerent schemes.
As often is the case, the Family Kagan has charted the course of action – batter Republicans into joining the all-out Russia-bashing and then persuade a softened Trump to launch a full-scale invasion of Syria. In this endeavor, the Kagans have Democrats and liberals as the foot soldiers.

This is the wedding of Bush fam and the Obama regime, as Kagan is the Neocon right and his wife works for John Kerry and the Obama regime.

noted two years ago in an article entitled “A Family Business of Perpetual War”: “Neoconservative pundit Robert Kagan and his wife, Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, run a remarkable family business: she has sparked a hot war in Ukraine and helped launch Cold War II with Russia and he steps in to demand that Congress jack up military spending so America can meet these new security threats.

One must understand the underpinnings of this, ALL OF THIS "INTELLIGENCE", is not just British spying on Americans, but the fact that Breitbart White House journalist Lee Stranahan was censored over at Breitbart.
Repeat that one again in what Stranahan was shut down from asking questions about was the reality in all of this "hacking" of Russia, it all traces back to the certification of all of this fake intelligence and that is Google, the same NSA funded Google, whose "investigative" group is who Hillary Clinton called when the DNC was "hacked".
This all centered on CROWDSTRIKE, Google's cybersecurity, who was busy blaming Russia for the DNC hack when the reality is CROWDSTRIKE was busy blaming Russia for hacks in the Ukraine which never occurred.

In light of the fact that the US election hacking narrative revolves around an increasingly questionable report published by a private company caught in a recent lie, plus the DNC's refusal to let the FBI inspect the servers in question (which President Trump tweeted about) - Breitbart's Lee Stranahan had planned to bring the issue up with White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer. Instead, Matthew Boyle - Breitbart's DC political Editor, ordered Stranahan to stand down and stay away from the White House.

Are you beginning to understand this hub of "intelligence" all pointing at the Kremlin? It resembles the fake Tony Blair reports which got George W. Bush the excuse to invade Iraq.

Do you want to know who testified before Congress recently, claiming to know absolutely nothing about Obama wiretapping President Trump and certified CROWDSTRIKE as legitimate as the source the FBI was relying upon for "Russian hacking"? Yes it was FBI Director James Comey.
Comey misrepresented to Congress deliberately and hid that CROWDSTRIKE is a fraud as his source for Russian hacking.

It's true... the DNC did not allow the FBI to inspect the allegedly hacked servers; instead they used a Google-funded cybersecurity firm called CrowdStrike - which FBI director James Comey referred to in testimony Monday as a "highly respected private company" despite several reports casting serious doubt on their analysis. Furthermore, CrowdStrike was accused of using false information by the government of Ukraine in a separate December

If you want to know the American source for the "reason" Trump wiretapping, it all lies in the reason of an Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov, who the Trump corporation had rented space to in Unit 63A. It just so happened that this Russian businessman was in the business of bringing in Russian money to America, which the FBI was naming as "laundering". What it appears is Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov's crime, relates to the events of Cyprus. You may remember that when the Obama cartel seized all of the assets in Cyprus to pay off debt, and most of those assets were Russian funds which were stolen.
This Russian happened to be on the wrong side of hiding money, and in the cover or excuse of all of this now, are the ABC fake news reports of "this is the wiretapping" which is what had the FBI looking at Trump Tower.

The FBI investigation did not implicate Trump. But Trump Tower was under close watch. Some of the Russian mafia figures worked out of unit 63A in the iconic skyscraper — just three floors below Trump’s penthouse residence — running what prosecutors called an “international money-laundering, sports gambling and extortion ring.”

So Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov, is the cover for spying on Donald Trump, but then there is Theresa May in GCHQ, then there are the other FBI Stingray, the two FISA warrants someone issued, and then that matter of George W. Bush in reverse speech of pointing to Canadian Leaks as the source of the reasoning behind the need of a special prosecutor.
But never mind the Canadians as Ivanka Trump can not lustfully attend enough New York theater with the communist Trudeau of Ottawa.

The fact in all of this is there honestly was not enough room for any espionage in Trump Tower, as I am surprised that Donald Trump could hear his wife when she called with all the nations, and agencies tapping into Trump Tower cell phone and fiber optics communications.

CROWDSTRIKE is the source for James Comey, coming directly out of John McCain and British MI6 Ukraine' experts whose hacker just happened to have as his code name the founder of the Soviet Secret Police.
Nom de Deus, the Russians are not going to put in their hacking signature the name of their founder, no more than Allen Dulles' name is in the CIA hackware.

Felix Dzerzhinsky, a code name referring to the founder of the Soviet Secret Police.” (Dzerzhinsky founded the Cheka, the Soviet secret police and intelligence agency, in 1917.) Here was proof, according to another report on the hack, that this was a Russian intelligence operation.

 Are you beginning to comprehend the intricacies of how exactly like the JFK assassination or the Iraq War, that Americans were played by an outside intelligence force with treacherous operatives inside the American government.

Russian Expat Founds CrowdStrike to Guard Against Russian ...

CrowdStrike's tagline encapsulated ... The head of cybersecurity at Google told Alperovitch that Gmail accounts belonging to human ... A former member of GCHQ, ...

This entire Russian hacking operation, was a British operation against Russia, with Hillary Clinton using this "hack" for the issue to run against and the reason for war with Russia. It is all as plain as can be, and it is all explained in the assembled links, of others who had pieces of this puzzle, but for the first time has been assembled here, in what is really in the black operational journals which drove all of this, and has left everyone confused as to how damned strange all of this is.

This is the Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter in the most dangerous dossier in this series of expose' for the past 28 days, in which few are catching up, or yet to realize all which has taken place and is taking place in this coup against President Donald Trump and President Vladimir Putin

The British press has been telling the world what all of this is about as they will not keep their mouths shut. It only needed to be assembled, and assembled again here it is in the Lame Cherry exclusives in matter anti matter, so now you know the things you are never supposed to know in how your enslavement and genocide is being carried out..

Above all else, the west’s Christian right or as they now call themselves the “civilisational right” welcome Putin as an unapologetic foe of Islam. From 9/11, western politicians from George W Bush and Tony Blair onwards bent over backwards to say that the west is not in a war against Islam. Putin, Trump and their supporters feel no such constraints.

In the Obama administration’s last days, some White House officials scrambled to spread information about Russian efforts to undermine the presidential election — and about possible contacts between associates of President-elect Donald Trump and Russians — across the government. Former U.S. officials say they had two aims: to ensure that such meddling is not duplicated in future U.S. or European elections, and to leave a clear trail of intelligence for government investigators.U.S. allies, including the British and the Dutch, had provided information describing meetings in European cities between Russian officials

From the above reality, you do realize now why Judge Napolitano was fired from FOX for revealing the above and why President Donald Trump has the information that it was MI6 who was spying on him for the Obama regime, in a coup against President Trump.

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Friday, March 24, 2017

President Donald Trump A Changing Soul

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

David John Oates latest reversals on Rense, featuring the Canadian work of "Naomi".

The following reversals show that Donald Trump is transforming to the person he must become, but is not there. He views people as animals, that they should be shot and that Nancy Pelosi is a woman who will cock suck all the evil cum she can.


Troubling and obvious, the reversals show that James Comey, James Clapper and John McCain are all lying and exploiting their lies to move Americans to be brainwashed or into war.

Rex Tillerson thinks he should kill North Korea.

There is an interesting one where Mike Pence is speaking about making war in Europe, and uses the word DOPE. It can be projected that Pence knows of an operation where narcotics are being used to subdue the enemy as part of a war strategy.

Donald Trump

eliminated devastating anti coal - an animal leader

negotiating much better deals - damn it was legal

not going to happen any more Kentucky remember that - memory cost me no meaning, if I had a gun, if I had gun.
just the beginning - Pelosi can they give it

about Pelosi - she'll kiss your evil sauce (cocksucker)

tremendous numbers of bidders on wall - cause an ambush

States get the money run program - I want to whip it

Obamacare's dead - You believe that's American

James Clapper

huge naval investments, China - Just remember they're opposite

withstand a counter retaliation, Russia - Being picked on, say you lost your hot head

reference to hacking - they're region I'll sing it (fake news)

am a cold war warrior, they are talking yet - they're getting closer

James Comey
talks about leaks - Serving it and I will grow sheep (Comey will lie and the sheep will believe it.)

John McCain

treaty returned to calendar (Russia) - You evil leaders

Trump in Moscow - Misery is death to dead

Russia changed results of election - You're worth it (Lies are worth promoting the war.)

provision of defensive weapons to Ukraine - Vow this effort

Rex Tillerson

We look to China (North Korea) - and I should kill you

Mike Pence

Represent the interest of the United States - America you're the best

Crisis in the world marshaling European support - Dope a snake hurry (Evil out there to stop it  fast) (LC note, are they unleashing narcotics trade as a war prelude.)

Administer oath of office - They deserve favor

Mike Morrell (Hillary Clinton's intelligence hack)

Computer code not release it - Seal Iran (CIA had the computer code of Stuxnet which revealed they had it and sealed Iran with it.


No Mr. President, you just do not get to quit

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

President Donald Trump is in absolute need of counsel to inform him that his New York Values are not going to be accepted by his base, because Americans have not been allowed to quit in the past 35 years after being betrayed and lied to by the GOP leadership, and Americans did not vote for Donald Trump, so that he could throw his hands up over Obamacare, let Americans exist in dread over it being in place, while the President plans for a health care meltdown, attempts to blame democrats and moves onto more Wall Street Rapine in Obamanomics 2.0 in his Goldman Sachs looters screwing Americans over.

The President is absolutely out of touch with Americans and what Americans demand of him.

The president again told Haberman that he suspects that the Democrats will want to work with his administration after Obamacare “explodes,” once again suggesting that no health care bill will be introduced in the immediate future.
Trump also told Haberman that he’s glad that this is over.
“It’s enough already,” he said of the health care negotiations.
Over the past few months, Trump has said on several occasions that the best thing Republicans could do would be to leave Obamacare in place so that it fails and Democrats are forced to beg for help in fixing it.
Trump told ABC News in January that he told Republicans that “the best thing we could do is nothing for two years, let it explode.”

No Mr. President, you do  not get to go to Mar Largo and play golf. You are going to get to work and fix this as you learn that doing things wrong takes twice as long, so you DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME.

It is a fact that Paul Ryan, Mike Pence, Katie Walsh and Reince Priebus are absolute colluders and traitors against Americans.
It is a fact that Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are absolutely feckless when it comes to protecting the President.

So you understand this Mr. President. You leave Americans to suffer and die under Obamacare, this is YOUR TAR BABY Sir, and not Democrats. It is you who either allowed yourself to be suckered on Wall Street monopoly insurance, Ryan entitlements to the Chamber of Commerce, putting people on anti gun lists, expanding invaders coverage in Trumpcare which proves you are the rookie Nancy Pelosi mocked you as, or you are a fraud as large as your Vice President succeeding in removing you from office.

Get to work Mr. President, as the American Government is a wonderful thing in it can function in more than one subject at a time. It can accomplish Gorsuch, Trumpcare and Trump tax relief and Trump economics all at the same time.
Perhaps you need to appoint people who can actually do the job, instead of sabotage your Presidency and have you defending the traitors.

Nom de Deus Mr. President, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama could pass this bill, being the tards they are. Are you stating you are more brainless than them Sir?

Du bist ein Deutscher.
Hör auf, dein Erbe zu beschmutzen.


Dunce, Duncer and Duncest on Obamacare 2.0


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The one question in this Obamacare 2.0 which President Donald Trump needs to ask himself is, "Do you like having egg on your face from Paul Ryan and Mike Pence?"

I have never been in a meeting with Donald Trump and never will, but after listening to the FU of Paul Ryan in pulling the Obamacare 2.0 bull today, I know for certain what Paul Ryan is, because Rep. Louie Gomer explained what a sit down with Ryan is.

Most of you have had "listening sessions" with your bosses, but most of you have absolutely no idea what is behind them, as the board has no damned care about hearing what your bitchy and stupid ideas are, as this  a listening session is conning employees into thinking they are being heard, that things will change and that the company values you. When in effect you get some toilet paper in the washroom and get to work yourself to death harder as cutbacks take place.

That is all Paul Ryan is about. What happened on this Dead Friday of Obamacare was PLANNED. This was planned from last year.

Ryan to meet with Pence and Priebus on Wednesday - POLITICO

Paul Ryan will huddle Wednesday with Vice President-elect Mike Pence and incoming White House chief of staff Reince Priebus on Capitol Hill, the speaker ...

This group of #NeverTrumpers never intended to pass this bill. They made Donald Trump pick the day of Obamacare to repeal it, in high drama, so Mr. President would have more shit on his face FOR THE ENTIRE WEEKEND.
Ryan colluded with Pence and Democrats for this bill to come up, They built it on Obamacare completely as it is the same bill as the Lame Cherry exposed. They then sat down, conned around 70 House members that their opinions matter and just like border reform 4 years ago, as Rep. Gomer noted, a bill appeared which was nothing the GOP wanted or talked about.

For the facts in this, Paul Ryan LIED to Sean Hannity in stating he had a consensus bill. We know this because no on in Congress saw the thing. Ryan in pulling this bill, AGAIN LIED, in stating this was a consensus bill, when all this was, was Paul Ryan writing a bill to entitle Chamber of Commerce six figure salary workers and rationing death to poor people who vote democrat, under the guise of getting the monopoly insurance companies to play Big Koch ball on Wall Street.

This was never about President Trump keeping his word. This is about President Trump being humiliated, getting him to threaten his base, and getting Mr. Trump furious at the base for Mr. Trump's demise.

I will repeat that any member of Congress  can file a bill, and if enough members are sponsors, then it will be passed toot sweet out of Committee.

I will repeat what needs to be done for this for the sake of the Trump Presidency now in limbo and it is injured.

First, President Trump demands that Mike Pence go out, and take full responsibility for this failure, as this was his ONE JOB to pass this repeal, and he deliberately conspired against the President. Mike Pence must be made to resign in order to protect the President.
Katie Walsh must be an example and fired for it was her coordinating which allowed this to take place.

Replace Pence with Rogers or Beutler, from the House as VP with the task to GET THIS REPEAL done, with FAIR MARKETS AS PROMISED.

Second, bring in Tom DeLay to hammer this out, as anyone who can pass Terri Schiavo protection in 10 hours can do more in Trumpcare.

Place HHS Sec. Tom Price with Rogers, DeLay, Beutler, Freedom Caucus, the Moderate Republicans, and Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer into a room to write this bill.
Democrats get to write the bill to protect the poor, in being based on Registered Nurses mandated to triage patients, in dispensing medicines, etc...., everything except surgeries.
Republicans write the free markets part.
In all of this, this is NOT A TAX, NOT A MANDATE BUT CHOICE, and all the illegals are forbidden from this which are bankrupting the system, and there are no subsidies or entitlements.

I can give you an example of "cost reduction" in my Mom when she broke her hip, was in the hospital, instead of a nursing home. She never saw the doctor for 2 weeks. It was all RN's and physical therapists. People do not need a doctor for 90% of the work done in medical visits. Costs can be brought down immensely in this with a robotech overseeing the treatments, just as people do looking things up online.

I digress, but President Trump must blame who is to blame, make examples of them, and make this a priority in a new team to drive this through in a week. Rand Paul has a bill already written. Just tweak it a little, include the democrats and if they screw it up, throw them off the team, write that portion too, and pass this thing written on CONSENSUS.
Poor people are not going to get cadillac plans if they can not pay for them, no more than they can drive a cadillac when all they can afford is a ford. Democrats can take this home to run on and Republicans can take this home to run on, and Donald Trump is seen as a winner, and I WILL REPEAT AGAIN, that the economic bill was written by Jack Kemp for Ronald Reagan in the 1980's, so that bill can be passed before the end of April.

President Trump was ill used. I am not going to make excuses for him or read his mine. All I intend to do is to provide the best counsel he is not receiving, and get his promises to America kept. He needs cover in someone  to blame, and the dunce, duncer and duncest are the exact trio who are to blame.

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