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The Blood Libel Overtaking The Trump Regime

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A key fundraiser for Barack Obama and a Chinese conglomerate are buying Anthony Scaramucci's investment firm

This will not require a great deal of examination, because from Gary Cohn's bullying of staff, Ivanka and Jared Kushner's firing of White House staff in Mike Flynn, to the new kosher on the block in Anthony Scaramucci, not wasting any time in a palace purge, no targeting the hapless Reince Priebus, this coup internal and external against the President, has taken on the taint of the ancient Blood Libel.

Scaramucci Financial Disclosure Leaks...
Calling In FBI...

From Ivanka tomahawking Syria over fake chemical weapons. The Jew state passing sanctions against Russia over the Jewish state trying to get a war started between American and Russia, so the Jews can annex Syria for a Greater Judah colony, the high tech coup de tat against Reince Priebus is the same notorious presence endangering America, as Anthony Scaramucci the hand picked bag man of the Kushner's is taking out another competitor in this Kushner mob eliminating all not Jewish interests from 1600 Penn Avenue.

"In light of the leak of my financial disclosure info which is a felony. I will be contacting @FBI and the @TheJusticeDept," he tweeted, tagging White House chief of staff Reince Priebus and adding the hashtag #swamp.
While it's unclear why Scaramucci tagged Priebus, Priebus has been named as a potential leaker by some Trump supporters, like Roger Stone. Ryan Lizza, Washington correspondent for the New Yorker, tweeted that he can confirm that Scaramucci wants the FBI to investigate Priebus for leaking.

What is the Trump regime now is an Ashkenaz war against all the goy.

An unofficial list of Priebus loyalists has been circulating among Scaramucci allies as those most likely to lose their jobs or be reassigned to somewhere else in the administration.

White House Purge: 'I'm Going to Fire Everybody,' Says Scaramucci

Scaramucci, wearing blue-tinted ... Scaramucci mentioned that name of a particular staffer floated in a news story as a likely candidate for firing, ...

This is the Kushner purge of the White House, and it will become a putsch if they cement this power. To remind all, the Trump Trans has been and is targeting Trump backers, and not the liberal opposition.


Little Bobbers in the Sea

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I did a search for poems on bobbers, fishing bobbers.  There are actually poems, bad poems, but poems  about fishing and bobbers.

Apparently there are even songs about bobbers. I don't have resources to waste on listening to bobber songs though.

The Bobbers Song: I Fish Walleye |

Lyrics. I Fish Walleye I eat them when I can catch them Fry them golden on both sides I know that dinner be cooking When I see them shining eyes Cause I fish Walleye

I do though have my own bobber song.

I'm a little bobber in the sea
In the sea
In the sea
In the sea
Just a floating everywhere that I may be
I'm a bobber, in, the, sea

See a good bobber song and poem needs to be simple, like all songs and poems used to be.

Like this one:

We'll there you go, there you go
When your number's up you know you gotta go
Drink your rum, have your fun
Drink your rum, and have your fun the same day.

Pretty simple as you get about drinking rum and having fun, like my bobber floating in the sea. No sense in figuring out the bobber's emotions and how it feels, as a bobber just sort of says, "I just float" and have fulfilled my purpose. Bobber doesn't float and it is just something else in Davey Jone's Locker.

I once saw this kid film, about a kid who threw a bottle in the Mississippi River, as it journeyed down the Gulf. People used to throw bottles in the oceans with notes in them, and a few got found, but most were lost. Maybe they are still out there bobbing around just waiting for their message to be delivered.

I heard two old folks today talking about fishing. Guess the perch were nice. One reminded me of a mush mouth and the other punkin puss. No reports on bobbers or corks though. Guess one is named for action and the other for name, otherwise it would be called plastics.

Not that I inquire on things, but I wonder why old man Rothschild says 2018 is the year for one currency. Wonder what the cartel will engage in to remove American finance and the the American Dollar in 2017 AD in the year of our Lord.

Did you see that great whites have been running off areas they are not prone too, and are becoming Twitter celebrities. Amazing stuff in those notes in the bottle.

Great White Shark Cruising East Coast Becomes Twitter Star

@MaryLeeShark is the fake Twitter handle for a very real, nearly 3,500-pound great white whose movements can be tracked online and in real time.

Let's sing instead as this is about how much I miss being a child, with a pencil cork or plastic with a Swedish pimple and a minnow on the line, jigging to see what would bite, as the bite always came.

I'm a little bobber in the sea
In the sea
In the sea
In the sea
Just a floating everywhere that I may be
I'm a bobber, in, the, sea



When the District of Columbia Occupies America

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

None of you who have ever watched the documentary by Ken Burns on the Civil War that liberals awarded him for, ever knew you were hearing racist propaganda in the entire fictional underpinning of that series. Some may recall historian Shelby Foote stating that the South would never have won, because the North had never taken it's other hand out from behind it's back, which Burn's featured, and not comprehend the root of that Northern Dominance, was rooted in the Lost Cause Movement, which appeared in the writings of General Jubal Early after the war, and most all of the vitriol was targeted against Lt. General James Longstreet, the American Napoleon in the war.

What I am about to prove to you is that the entire narrative of Ken Burns was based on racism as it was the Lost Cause Movement and it all centered on a letter  written by General Longstreet, as asked for by the press in New Orleans, dealing with Reconstruction.

Reconstruction is another term which most of you have heard, but do not understand. After Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, President Andrew Jackson attempted to heal the wounds of the South, but setting them at liberty again. That would have released the South to become political and economic competitors to the New York financiers, so a way had to be created to subjugate the South. The old tool of slavery had been vanquished by gunpowder, but the black terrorism of Americans was not over yet, because the slave became the SUFFRAGE or the voting of illiterate blacks in the South became the issue of the North, which the South chafed under, because one might as well  had mules given the vote, for the America slave of 1865 was no more than livestock or the family hound in understanding.

The Northern financiers had their issue to reduce the South and called it Reconstruction, when in reality what Reconstruction was, was OCCUPATION of the SOUTH for over a decade by Federal Troops, where there was not any vote that mattered, because when a Southern State voted, unless that vote matched what the Northern interests demanded, that Government was removed by force, and handed over to shills carrying on the Northern rapine of Dixie.

President Johnson, after the war, adopted a reconstruction policy of his 
own, and some of the States were reorganized under it 
with Democratic governors and legislatures, and all would 
have followed. But Congress, being largely Republican, 
was not satisfied, and enacted that the States could not be 
accepted unless they provided in their new constitutions for 
negro suffrage. In case they would not, the State govern- 
ments should be removed and the States placed in the 
hands of general officers of the army as military governors, 
who should see that the States were reorganized and re- 
stored to the Union under the laws. 

Yes a Southern America could vote in an election, but if Washington did not like the liberty, a Military Governor was appointed to dictate to the Southerner. That is why the South was furious, as they agreed to a surrender of equal respect of rights for North and South, and what followed as Jewish carpetbaggers throwing landowners off their farms, and hordes of uneducated slaves being told to vote Republican and overthrowing the entire political process in the South.
This should sound familiar in the political war which has been engaged on American States since Ronald Reagan, where the feds come in an agency states to death, or impose sodomite rights or the genocide of Americans by importing 3rd world invaders.
Now you understand why President Johnson was impeached by Northern interests and why Donald Trump has had this endless coup arrayed against him. It is the same globalist interests.

The letter from General Longstreet to the press, was Solomon in nature. It basically stated that the South had lost, and had to surrender to the will of Congress, and that included blacks voting who could not comprehend what voting meant. In this though, Longstreet advised the Southerners to be patient, because if the experiment with black voting failed, then a political movement would appear to push Congress to redress the issue.

^'New Orleans, La., June 3, 1867. 

J. M. G. Parker, Esq. : 

Dear Sir, — Your esteemed favor of the 15tli ultimo was duly- 

^ ' I was much pleased to have the opportunity to hear Senator 
Wilson, and was agreeably surprised to meet such fairness and 
frankness from a politician whom I had been taught to believe 
harsh in his feelings towards the people of the South. 

' ' I have considered your suggestion to wisely unite in efforts 
to restore Louisiana to her former position in the Union ' through 
the party now in power.' My letter of the 6th of April, to which 
you refer, clearly indicates a desire for practical reconstruction 
and reconciliation. There is only one route left open, which 
practical men cannot fail to see. 

' ' The serious difficulty arises from want of that wisdom so im- 
portant for the great work in hand. Still, I will be happy to work 
in any harness that promises relief to our discomfited people and 
harmony to the nation, whether bearing the mantle of Mr. Davis 
or Mr. Sumner. 

It is fair to assume that the strongest laws are those estab- 
lished by the sword. The ideas that divided political parties 
before the war — upon the rights of the States — were thoroughly 
discussed by our wisest statesmen, and eventually appealed to the 
arbitrament of the sword. The decision was in favor of the 
North, so that her construction becomes the law, and should be 
so accepted. 

The military bill and amendments are the only peace-offerings 
they have for us, and should be accepted as the starting-point for 
future issues. 

"Like others of the South not previously connected with 
politics, I naturally acquiesced in the ways of Democracy, but, 
so far as I can judge, there is nothing tangible in them, beyond 
the issues that were put to test in the war and there lost. As 
there is nothing left to take hold of except prejudice, which can- 
not be worked for good for any one, it seems proper and right 
that we should seek some standing which may encourage hope 
for the future. 

"If I appreciate the issues of Democracy at this moment, they 
are the enfranchisement of the negro and the rights of Congress 
in the premises, but the acts have been passed, are parts of the 
laws of the land, and no power but Congress can remove them. 

"Besides, if we now accept the doctrine that the States only can 
legislate on suffrage, we will fix the negro vote upon us, for he is 
now a suffragan, and his vote, with the vote that will go with 
him, will hold to his rights, while, by recognizing the acts of 
Congress, we may, after a fair trial, if negro suffrage proves a 
mistake, appeal and have Congress correct the error. It will 
accord better with wise policy to insist that the negro shall vote 
in the Northern as well as the Southern States. 

''If every one will meet the crisis with proper appreciation of 
our condition and obligations, the sun will rise to-morrow on a 
happy people. Our fields will again begin to yield their increase, 
our railways and waters will teem with abundant commerce, our 
towns and cities will resound with the tumult of trade, and we 
will be reinvigorated by the blessings of Almighty God. 

''Very respectfully yours, 

' ' James Longstreet. ' ' 

This is one of the best Statesmen letters in the American archives, because Longstreet was reminding everyone that the South was occupied and helpless. If the North wanted ignorant blacks voting in the South, then the North would get the same uneducated voting block corrupting their system. It was only after the system collapsed in hurting the North would the South then have redress.
The South had to wait for Ronald Reagan, when their Democratic party was hijacked to exploit the blacks who now vote in an Obama block.

For the above letter Longstreet's letter was not even published. Instead the New Orleans media editorialized that he was a traitor and against all things Southern. No one in the press of the South printing Longstreet's fine letter, but instead smeared him in chorus.
It was within days that his own friends in the military would not even speak to him on the street, and from that rose the racism which was the foundation of all Ken Burns published and promoted.

Two characters arose in this movement, in General Pendelton and General Early. Pendleton would create a fiction that Longstreet did not attack at Gettysburg as Lee had  ordered, which was an absolute lie. The only division which fought at Gettysburg was Longstreet's Army, while the second under Jubal Early remained silent and the third which Lee  was observing from remained silent for two days in not supporting Longstreet's first division.
Following on this, Jubal Early published the Lost Cause writings which excused the butchery of the North on the South, and gave excuse to the failings of Southern political and military leadership for losing Lincoln's war.  To this Robert E. Lee, who was fond of James  Longstreet, in Longstreet had named one of his sons  after General Lee, turned his back on Longstreet and shunned him, as the years passed and Robert E. Lee had to find blame for Lee's failures.

After Lee's death, his family joined in the smear campaign against James Longstreet, for the leadership Longstreet was providing the South to extricate the Southerners from their Northern occupation, and this meant that the old aristocracy was being replaced by a new Southerner in power not of the old order which had passed.

While the Ku Klux Klan was demonized for it's martial protection of Southern lives and property, a far worse scourge had arisen, and it was the Lost Cause which was all based in racism and the failed policies which caused the South to lose that war.

There is a reference in another Longstreet letter to Lee during the war, about Southern financiers hording gold, and how the North was trying to contract with the South to purchase cotton, because Longstreet stated that the Union would lose the war by 1866 if the South could hold on. Abraham Lincoln with his greenbacks and his war, had bankrupted the North and there was not supply nor trade to sustain the Union any longer, without Southern cotton for Northern manufacture.

This disproves the might of the North and all of the Lost Cause. It also proves that the Lost Cause which guided Ken Burns propaganda in the Civil  War was all the worst form of racism, as it started in hatred of the livestock blacks  and ended in the racism against the Southern White.

This is the real history hidden away for purpose, as the fiction of the financiers is what all of you have been brainwashed to and no one exposes the award winners for their lies and racism. Much of what Americans are inflicted upon today are based in the same race hatred inflicted upon the South by the same moneyed interests of today.
No one will admit that the Whites of the South were held as slaves and state vassals for over a decade after the Civil War and to this day are still owned by the carpetbaggers of finance, but today it is not the Jew of the past alone, but now Japanese and Chinese automakers, importing Muslims and Mexicans to replace the Black and White Americans of the South.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.


The Early Lost Cause of States Rights

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The examination of the Lost Cause, as created by Jubal Early as an excuse for incompetence and incorrect, yet correct, choices by the Confederacy in losing the war, is important as it appeared in the Ken Burns award winning fiction of the Civil War, as it was all based upon the fake history that the South was part of a lost cause, in which the Union was too strong, too industrial and too peopled to defeat.

There are several points in why the South lost the war. The two most glaring are not evils, but were proper judgments which simply were incorrect.

1. The first is President Andrew Johnson was relying on foreign involvement by European powers in England and France to destroy America. This hope or wish was the Southern Leadership's idea of victory in a rescue of their position, when it should have been instead a prosecution of the war to win.

2. The second is the political military junction in General Robert E. Lee. He refused to ever make war on the American Civilians, while the Union was the greatest terror state against Americans in burning homes to making war on towns like Fredericksburg.
In this General Lee was fighting to defeat the Union Army, not the succor of the army, and his entire two ventures in the North at Sharpsburg or Antietam, along with Gettysburg were aimed at forcing Abraham Lincoln to peace with the Confederacy, instead of the necessary focus in 1863 of the dividing of the Union by marching on Ohio.
As a prelude to this, General Lee should not have moved to Gettysburg Pennsylvania, but instead of held ready at Fredricksburg Virginia, to hold the Union Army of the Potomac, while Lee would win the war in the west by this invasion plan.

To understand the theaters of battle. General Grant was in the west, and driving for Vicksburg Mississippi, where he was facing General Joseph Johnston. A second body of forces was General Rosecrans in the Tennessee, facing General Braxton Bragg.
General Lee was in Virginia, having defeated General Burnside as Fredericksburg and then was in the process of shattering General Hooker at Chancellorsville.

As a backdrop in this, General Lee in his victory at Chancellorsville, had shattered the Union, but also his Army of Northern Virginia. The great loss was General Stonewall Jackson was wounded and died from those wounds in the late battle. Jackson was one of the premier Generals of the Confederacy. His equals were Generals Longstreet and DH Hill as battlefield field marshals.
Even at Chancellorsville, General Lee in getting his blood up, as he always desired to strike, if he simply would have allowed the battle front to develop a few more days, his position would have been stronger, General Hooker weaker, and in the result, Lee would not have used up his army and General Jackson would not have been wounded in the heat of that battle.

In to this General Longstreet met with the Confederacy's Secretary of War, and upon being questioned laid out a battle plan to relieve Mississippi in the west and deal with the Tennessee military operations.
The focus of the plan was part of Longstreet's forces were to move to assist Braxton Bragg in Tennessee, and move so swiftly as to crush General Rosecrans. It would be then that instead of raising an Army for General Joseph Johnston to fight the tenacious General Grant, that Grant would be diverted by the Washington City politicians to follow General Johnston flanking north in Grant's way, who would be then sent to deal with the combined armies of Braxton Bragg and James Longstreet, smashing into Ohio, and capturing Cincinnati.

Taking the manufacturing and produce of the Union, and dividing the Union from east to west, would then force the Army of the Potomac to divide in defending Washington City and be weakened by forces sent to deal with the conquered territory of Ohio and west to Minnesota and Wisconsin.

This would be the measure by which peace would have been forced upon Abraham Lincoln, as the next crushing blow would have been on Washington City, as a Union Army in Grant without Ohio supply, would have been left in the field in rags in 6 months and crushed.

Instead General Lee, not wanting his army so far from his control, opted for Pennsylvania, which was a mistake as it drew too ready the forces from the Army of the Potomac. General Lee was masterful at works or seige warfare, in entrenchment battles as at Bull Run II, Fredericksbrug and Chancellorsville. General Lee though was checked every time he dealt with Union lines at Sharpsburg and at Gettysburg, and he was ground to nothing in Grant's Wilderness Campaign of moving by the left flank and eroding Lee's Army to surrender by encirclement.

This is another proof that the Lost Cause of Jubal Early and other modern historians have seized upon are incorrect. Early did not want the gods of the south exposed for incorrect decisions which were correct, and Northern terrorists desired an excuse for crushing the Southern Peoples in it being inevitable.

General Longstreet attempted three times to obtain victory for the South in correct battle plans. He wanted to strike the Shenandoah with Jackson early after Bull Run, but Jackson did not want a superior officer in Longstreet on his field commanding.
Longstreet did not want to offer battle at Antietam, but was overruled by Lee and Jackson planning that incorrect battle.
The South needed rest and resupply, not battle, but Lee thought he could force a concession of peace by making battle. Lee though was out of his works, and what instead took place was Abraham Lincoln unleashing after the battle, that worst form of racial terrorism in the Emancipation Proclamation which Lincoln had been sitting on for over a year.
The third attempt was in the conquering of Ohio, by smashing Rosecrans in Tennessee and forcing General Grant to be forced to move from Mississippi to Ohio, where Grant would have been crushed by lack of supply and the two armies of Bragg and Johnston, with part of Lee's in Longstreet reinforcing.

All of this information is there, and is historical fact. If one has any modicum of intelligence, one can read the assessments of different commanders and soon enough gain an understanding of what was the proper order of battle, as what was engaged in, was not the proper order of battle as it brought defeat.

General Lee made a crucial error too in the death of General Jackson in appointing another Virginian to the leadership in Lt. General Jubal Early, who passed over more competent and ranking officers, including the General who should have been appointed in DH Hill, who was both field marshal of his division and could have managed an entire army as Jackson did, and perhaps better.
Jubal Early is where all of this began with the Lost Cause fake history, and Early began the war was a flanker or rear gaurd, who shot over or shot his own Confederates in front of his forces as at Bull Run. He reached some success in defeating Union forces when other Generals on the field were engaged in combat, but ended up in the Shenandoah and in complete incompetence was routed by General Sheridan, and then fled after the war to Texas, Mexico, wherever and then Canada, where after Lee's death he created this fiction of the Lost Cause, to hide his incompetence in battle and Lee's misjudgment in correct combat, as much as appointing Early as the head of a corp.

Those are the facts which refute the Lost Cause and Jubal Early completely. The war was lost because God desired to preserve the Union, not because the Union was all powerful. If Lee and Jackson had only embarked upon prudent warfare, Jackson would have been alive, because there were three mindsets at the start of 1863, and they were:

1. Lee was to fight in the east.
2. Jackson desired to fight in the west by invading it.
3. Longstreet's battle plans were to strike the Union Army, but retire to defensive position to use up Union resources and men, and defeat the Lincoln War on those terms.

The Confederacy would have won Lincoln's War if  those principles had been engaged in, instead of the incorrect battle deployments and grinding battles of attrition which the South was forced into by the incorrect battle plans from 1861 to 1863.

Nuff Said



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One small step for Donald Trump, one big leap in place

Ban this Transsexual too Mr. President

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter matter anti matter.

In reviewing Donald Trump as President, I think there were like 25 things he betrayed Christians on since the last time he did something praiseworthy, and all we get now is the President is booting some lunatics out of the military as they are a danger.





See the thing is, this is like Donald Trump putting a bandage on the body of the US military, as the Pentagon head is stoned on weed, while the rest of the limbs are blown off and bleeding out in a terminal condition.

So great that Mr. President booted weird fuckers out of the fox holes.

Mr. Trump made the surprise declaration in a series of posts on Twitter, saying he had come to the decision after talking to generals and military experts, whom he did not name.

But what about the 6.5 trillion in missing funds, as in black operation budgets......

What about the fagsexuals who are just as fucked up goofy as the transsexuals, still in the military.

What about sticking American women into combat, blowing their vaginas to hell as breeders, and Mr. President just allowed a tampon wearer to command the Gerald R. Ford carrier. OK so you get this, when you are on a ship, and it gets hit, you need MEN WITH MUSCLES who can drag burned and wounded bodies into rafts to save them, you need MEN WITH MUSCLES to swim to stay alive until they are rescued, and hold up other drowning people. A fat ass with stripes does not make a flotation device or someone who can carry 180 pound people up ladders to safety.

So President Donald Trump took the extreme freaks out of the military, to allow for continuity as a fighting force, instead of an Obama sex machine. The point is the fags are still there fucking things up, as are the fat women, as are these 3rd world minorities who allow white people to get shot, because they hang back when the firing starts, and usually from their gun barrels as they are Muslim indoctrinated.

Nice bandage Mr. Trump, but the US military is still terminal, like the United States of America, as one good deed surrounded by 25 horrid betrayals, as Sean Hannity is uncomfortable now in not wanting to discuss your banning fucktards from the military, is not doing the job you were elected to do.

How about dealing with the thousands of Obama zombie, in Veterans who are pill popped to comatose conditions due to over use of the US Soldier? There are many Veteran's issues which have not been addressed nor have military issues.

Thank you though for doing one thing right, but what about the unfinished job for the military being brought back to a fighting force and not sex camp under Obama.
You called it right Mr. President in DC is not a swamp, it is a sewer. The US military is now a sopping genital disorder which needs the disease of it treated, before crusty cock and nasty snatch loses your next war Mr. President, and Americans get ass raped by hordes of Eurasians, Muslims and Mexicans which you are sill pouring into America.

Nuff Said


Turning the Sessions Page

A man with his hands on his future
his finger up ass

DOJ Lawyers Still Battling Christians
Over Obamacare Contraception Mandate

Daily Caller, by Peter Hasson    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 7/25/2017 8:55:53 PM     Post Reply
Six months into President Trump’s administration, Department of Justice attorneys are still battling Christian organizations in court over Obamacare’s contraception mandate. DOJ lawyers have continued to keep alive a slew of cases appealing a 2014 district court ruling that granted an injunction from the mandate to several Catholic organizations. The Supreme Court vacated an appeals court ruling against The Little Sisters of the Poor and similar organizations in 2016, sending the cases back to the lower courts. Many religious freedom advocates expected that the Trump administration, which has vowed to protect The Little Sisters and other organizations burdened by the

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Sadly the Lame Cherry concludes in forensic psychological profile, of Attorney General Jeff Sessions does not point to anything but a namby pamby faggy old man who has no daring in his soul to become one of the most legendary figures in all history.

Let us face it in Jeff Sessions is on the way out. His part in the deep state coup against President Donald Trump has been Cassius from not catching leakers, to goading Mr. Trump into firing James Comey, to recusing himself so Rob Rosenstein would appoint the treacherous Robert Mueller, to the alienation of the Trump base, in seizing private property on innuendo and targeting gun owners in America.

Jeff Sessions deserves to be fired, as that would get him his reward in more turmoil against Donald Trump and all Americans, as America's enemies foreign and domestic close in. What else would Jeff Sessions do a a deep state mole ruining Make America Great Again.



If Jeff Sessions were a real man, an American man, a real Patriot, he would immediately order Rob Rosenstein to fire Robert Mueller, and then fire Rob Rosenstein. He would have reviewed all of Robert Mueller's witch hunt, and shut down all investigations which have not produced anything in the past 14 months.

Jeff Sessions would then shut down the persecution of Western Americans in the Bundy's and immediately indict Hillary Clinton, image Obama, and the host of conspirators on treason charges from Comey, to Brennan to Lynch, and leave a directive that anyone in the media, Congress or the judiciary who attempted to subvert this would be immediately arrested on conspiracy charges and then resign, so that in August President Trump could appoint an Attorney General who would enforce the laws of the United States and protect the Citizens and the President.

If Jeff Sessions would accomplish the above, he would be hailed in history as a hero in America like Patrick Henry in breaking the coup and the cartel, if he did this and the coup is successful he will be more reviled than Richard Nixon, and in history there is only one thing that matters, and that is that they remember you one hundred years later.

Jeff Sessions continues on this course and is fired, he will have his final years reviled in being  the damp cloth he is and die never remembered in history. If Jeff Sessions acts, he will cement his name and place in history, and that is all that matters in this world.


Dictator Don

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Of all the things Donald Trump's propaganda tries to mislead the public on now that Steve Bannon is in exile in Reince Priebus' office, it is amazing the things that Mr. High Rise is keeping that is Obama.

Mr. Trump kept Obama's gun bans.

Mr. Trump kept Obama's Paris Accords

Mr. Obama kept Obama's NAFTA

This is not some  game of we get to breathe once every 3 minutes for every thing Mr. High Rise is telling us Ivanka will carbon tax us to gasp under, as the abover destruction of American Rights and Being are that important.

That is why when I came across this latest Dictator Don keeping of Obama feudalism, It is just more reality of how Donald Trump is like Morning Joe Scarborough, in they are both democrats.

For all of the rumors, image Obama's regime was about to declare Martial Law in America on November 8th. That vile Brennan, Lynch and Comey had drawn up Homeland plans to deploy armed military and armed federal police to stick a gun in your face while you pencil pointed your ballot for Donald Trump.

All of the Secretary of States in America are now aware of this, and are furious over it.

Seriously, it does not take federally armed thugs in our communities, pointing guns at us in the voting booth to deal with hackers, NOT IN OUR COMMUNITIES. If none of us could have voted, it would have been worked out later in voting paper ballot. This is just the Obama feudalism gone global again.

State officials fume after leak shows how feds planned to use armed troops

The plan allowed for the deployment of "armed federal law enforcement agents" to polling places if hackers managed to halt voting. It also foresaw the deployment of "Active and Reserve" military forces and members of the National Guard "upon a request from a federal agency and the direction of the Secretary of Defense or the President."

The point is as Kay Stimson reports for the State Secretaries of State, is none of this federal overreach has been repealed. In fact, when Homeland seized US elections on the last days of the Obama regime, it is noted that Donald Trump has not rescinded that order, and America still is under this federal intrusion from Mr. High Rise.

Kay Stimson, spokesperson for NASS.
"There won't be unlimited chances to get this right," Stimson added. "The feds don't even have authority to act without the consent of state and local officials. What is the point of gathering intelligence on foreign threats, only to withhold that information from the very people who can use it to bolster the defenses around our election systems?"
NASS feels particularly irked because it's been through the same issue this year with the Department of Homeland Security, after DHS gave the nation's voting systems a "critical infrastructure" designation. The full import of that designation is still unknown, as DHS hasn't delivered to state and local voting officials their parameters of what that designation would allow them to do.
NASS issued a resolution condemning the designation, which first happened in the last days of the Obama administration, but which has been continued under the Trump administration.

It is a complicated issue now of when Federal armed forces can come in numbers pointing guns at each of us. It used to be that no federals could show up unless the Governor or Legislature asked for such help in an emergency.

Constitution restrains the president's use of domestic force by providing that a state legislature must request federal troops before the president can send them into the state to provide public order.

Presidents are not obligated to deploy troops merely because the state legislatures make a request.
Presidents may deploy troops in a state or city without request if they consider it necessary to maintain an essential national service, to enforce judicial order, or to protect federally guaranteed civil rights.
President tends to exercise unilateral power justified by declaring a "state of emergency".
Military emergencies have led to expansion of the domestic powers of the executive branch.

Then of course there is is latest mandate from Washington DC, which if you read closely, the President can deploy troops or the police state in mass in this chilling reality which I quote from Section 1068:

so hinders the execution of the laws of that State, and of the United States within the State, that any part or class of its people is deprived of a right, privilege, immunity, or protection named in the Constitution and secured by law

The above translates that if a Muslim is denied some Muslim thing or some sodomite is denied some thing, Donald Trump can send in federal troops or the armed police state and shut down an entire state like Abraham Lincoln did in Tennessee and Maryland, occupy it, throw the Government out, install military law, and exile or hang anyone in that State.

Do any of you have a problem with that reality?
SEC. 1068. REPEAL OF PROVISIONS IN SECTION 1076 OF PUBLIC LAW 109ñ364 RELATING TO USE OF ARMED FORCES IN MAJOR PUBLIC EMERGENCIES. (a) INTERFERENCE WITH STATE AND FEDERAL LAWS.ó (1) IN GENERAL.óSection 333 of title 10, United States Code, is amended to read as follows: ëëß 333. Interference with State and Federal law ëëThe President, by using the militia or the armed forces, or both, or by any other means, shall take such measures as he considers necessary to suppress, in a State, any insurrection, domestic violence, unlawful combination, or conspiracy, if itó ëë(1) so hinders the execution of the laws of that State, and of the United States within the State, that any part or class of its people is deprived of a right, privilege, immunity, or protection named in the Constitution and secured by law, and the constituted authorities of that State are unable, fail, or refuse to protect that right, privilege, or immunity, or to give that protection; or ëë(2) opposes or obstructs the execution of the laws of the United States or impedes the course of justice under those laws. In any situation covered by clause (1), the State shall be considered to have denied the equal protection of the laws secured by the Constitution.íí. (2) PROCLAMATION TO DISPERSE.óSection 334 of such title is amended by striking ëëor those obstructing the enforcement of the lawsíí after ëëinsurgentsíí. (3) HEADING AMENDMENT.

I know what this is, in the same Ivanka deep state is the same Obama deep state meant to genocide Americans, but the reality is when one considers some facts this is really depressing:

Is Donald Trump calling out federal police or troops to stop the violence in Chicago to save Blacks as Mr. Trump promised all Blacks security in America for voting for him? No he is not.

Is Donald Trump calling out the same feds to protect gun owners in California in their rights being destroyed? Not in the least.

Is Donald Trump calling out the same feds on the above mandate which protects Muslims and sodomites, for the Bundy Patriots made political prisoners of Obama in Nevada? No Mr. Trump is not, in fact Jeff Sessions is prosecuting those innocent Americans, and of more chilling reality, Jeff Sessions is implementing seizing all of your property for posting on Facebook, if a cop says on his word alone that you are doing something criminal.

So this is Dictator Don and the bleaters on the Kushner neocon backed Cuckservitude Treehouse, cheers all of this dictatorial onslaught of Americans, instead of warning the Citizen that all of this has to be removed completely as Donald Trump has the same Obama weapons in his executive authority and Jeff Sessions is using it in going after gun owners.

For the record what requires being done is ALL federal troops and police must be removed to either military bases or a regional center where they can not conduct surveillance or investigations against Americans unless given expressed written approval by the Governor or a public vote by the legislature, so the People are informed of what is taking place.
All Presidential authority is revoked to deploy federal troops or law enforce inside any state, unless written authority is given by the Governor, and if it is past 14 days, the Legislature must vote for an extension of no more than 14 days.

Donald Trump is keeping Obama's dictatorial powers. One can not be a President while holding dictatorial powers against the People, as that makes one a dictator. Americans have not received on reprieve from Donald Trump. Our States are still cluttered with armed federal agents from the gopher police to the mail police pointing firearms at us, as our American guns are banned and Mr. Sessions goes after our property on the whim of a police claim.

You have to get this through your heads in Jeff Sessions is seizing your homes and bank accounts, not after an indictment, not after a trial, not after a sentence. Jeff Sessions is seizing just like Obama and Bush, your homes and money, because someone does not like what you are doing which is not illegal. That is what Jeff Sessions directive states in violation of the Constitution and that is the Obama mandate that Donald Trump is keeping in pointing guns at your pencil as you vote.

The Lame Cherry made the last excuses for George W. Bush overreach and that got America Obama the Terrible gunning LaVoy Finicum down in the snow. Donald Trump knows he has these dictator laws, and he is embracing them and expanding them, not against terrorists or foreigner's, but against Americans.

That makes Donald Trump the same dictator that Barack Hussein Obama was.

America must go back to State controlled National Guard, with the Governor controlling that militia inside their States and no federal troops or agents permitted access without written permission from the elected Governor and the elected County Sheriff.

Nuff Said